Chief Executive Officer Overconfidence and Firm’s Investment Decisions: Evidence from Russia

Previous research on relationship between Chief Executive Officer overconfidence and investments decisions. Recent empirical findings. Variables and Chief Executive Officer overconfidence index construction. Board’s role in investment decision-making.

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  • The changes in human understanding in modern anthropological research. Study of the natural basis of the human being. Trends in human changes and signs of spiritual crisis. The need to take into account the concepts of the heritage of Eastern philosophy.

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  • Arbitrageurs play a central role in standard finance. Essence and characteristic the two types of risk limit arbitrage. The first is fundamental risk. The second source of risk that limits arbitrage comes from unpredictability of the future resale price.

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  • Categories "working capital", "current funds". The relationship of categories, the classification of current assets of the enterprise. The composition, structure and dynamics of working capital of the enterprises of the food industry in Odessa region.

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  • Types of external sources of finance. Debt and Debentures. The basic advantages and inconveniences of external sources of business financing. Financing and support of business in Russia. And in the conclusion, some words about Government Finance.

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  • Universality is principles of equitable taxation. The role of the state in economy and the choice between effectiveness and equity. The concept of equivalent – legitimization of tax collection. Payment capacity and equitable distribution of tax burden.

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  • Infrastructure of the credit market in Poland. Easy access of farmers to banking services. Cooperative and commercial banks, their role in providing agricultural loans. Creditworthiness of farmers during the country's accession to the European Union.

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  • Definition of money, their origins, role in economy and life. Characteristic the barter relations since their inception. Consideration of monetary theories and the essence and functions of money, the description of money as organizing trade and its need.

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  • The value of fiscal policy of the state. Determination of directions of use of state financial resources, methods of financing and the main sources of replenishment of the treasury. Creating a fair and efficient tax system, ensuring its stability.

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  • Analysis the profitability of value, momentum strategies and a combination of strategies in Russian stock market. The explanation of the value premium and momentum effect. Momentum, value and combo portfolio construction and regression analysis.

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  • Theoretical principals of fiscal policy and budget planning taking into account scientific approaches to defining essence and interconnection of these concepts. Main tasks of fiscal policy on a local level and factors influencing its implementation.

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