Transcendence and reflexion of career path of university teachers specializing in primary education

The phenomenon of self-transcendence of human existence - a topic that occupies an important place in humanistic psychology and existential-humanistic philosophy. Analysis of the parts of the university teacher specializing in pre-school education.

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  • Public schools: the education is of a high quality; the discipline is very strict. British university courses, the cost of education. Pre-school and primary education, its features and characteristics. Social, Cultural and Sporting Life at School.

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  • The factors of the terrorism prevention and the reciprocal aggression. Existential aspects in order to create world outlook, humanistic aims and values. Education how "mechanism of the sociogenesis". Retraining in the sphere of the health psychology.

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  • Features of the British education system and its resemblance to the European. Public and private schools. Features of pre-school and primary education. Departments of secondary education, social and sports life in the school. Life at College and Universit

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  • The study of the concepts of "sustainability" in the pedological movement of the beginning of the 20th century and in inclusive education in the context of human-centeredness. Analysis of the personality-oriented concept and its humanistic principles.

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  • The American system of school education. The general pattern of education, the length of the school year. The funding of higher education institutions. The basic principles of the organization of vocational education. The program at the university level.

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  • The development of the educational thought and the secondary education in China during the XIX-beginning of the XXI century. The implementation of the humanistic ideas of the world pedagogy including the ideas of V.Sukhomlynskyi in the education system.

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  • An analysis of the system of higher education is in the United States of America. Consideration of universities with the highest reputation: California University, Catholic University of America, Cornell University. Appearance of university of the future.

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  • Features of preparation of elementary school teachers. The importance of high quality primary school teacher training, its impact on the adaptation process, and the acquisition of skills in children. The role of psychological and pedagogical diagnostics.

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  • Teacher’s competence in education have a few approaches to it. Like behavioural, holistic and constructivist. And they’re all important. Researches said that children in schools have very little opportunity to make own decisions for what is necessary.

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  • Features of preschool and primary education in Russia. The studying of basic and additional subjects in secondary school. Differences of preschool and primary education in Britain and Russia. Comparative analysis of higher education in the UK and Russia.

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