Endangered species of animals in Ukraine

Description of the reasons for the disappearance of types of illegal hunting, deforestation, pollution of water bodies. Statistics reduce some species of animals in Ukraine. The red book as a collection of endangered species of animals and plants.

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  • Description of a new species Paracamelus minor location of Odessa catacombs (rustsiny) in the northern Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Features of the structure of a species: small size, moderate swelling of the body of the mandible, a significant reduction.

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  • The discovery of new localities of nine species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, and six regionally rare plant species during expeditionary research on the territory of Volyn region in 2013. The necessity for research phytodiversity Volyn region.

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  • Wild animals: horse, cow, dog, cat, fox, wolf, tiger, bear, elephant, panda, bee which can swim, run, fly, sing, jump, understand commands. The animals which live in Kazakhstan: zebra, rabbit, cangaroo, giraffe, wolf, fox and other animals of state.

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  • Species of freshwater red algae, Batrachospermum keratophytum Bory emend. R.G. Sheath, M.L. Vis et K.M. Cole, was record for the first time in the Ukraine. It’s taxonomic position, full description, and locations of B. keratophytum in the Ukraine.

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  • The study of modern representatives of the animal environment in Russia. Description of the characteristics of the species, population, appearance, habitat, food habits and reproduction: brown bears, Amur tigers, lynxes, gray wolves, wolverines, ticks.

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  • General information on the distribution of the new invasive mildew, Podosphaera amelanchieris Maurizio, registered in Belarus, Ukraine. The distribution of fungi, species and morphological characteristics. Comparative characteristics of several species.

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  • Morphological features and distribution of S. paulsenii, its related species. Substantiation of the possibility of the species to become an invasive weed. Changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of representatives of the genus Salsola sensu lato.

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  • Study of model species of herbaceous and shrubby plants. Determination of the main indicators of generative reproduction of clonal-forming plants of the grass and shrub layer and their dependence on the plant species and ecological and cenotic factors.

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  • Consideration kind Podolaspis Zych of three types: podolica Alth, lerichei and zychi. The first description and nomenclature discrepancy delivery Parapteraspis and Mylopteraspis Stensio. Species variability pteraspid - morphology orbitsphere pineal belt.

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  • Finding rare in Ukraine anamorphic fungi Discosia circaeae Lobik on Circaea intermedia Ehrh. and Robillarda vitis Prill. et Delacr. on Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. Description morphological characteristics, geographical distribution, taxonomy.

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