Using of silicate materials for sewage sorption treatment from heavymetals

The article presents the research results of using different types of silicate minerals, their modified forms for sewage sorption treatment. Their physical and chemical properties, the mechanisms of action and sorption efficiency of natural minerals.

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  • The presence of huge automobile and industrial emissions is a one of the factors, which determining air quality in India. Rain as formed due to condensation of the cloud droplets in the upper troposphere and scavenges the atmospheric air pollution.

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  • The concept and characteristics of possible negative effects of acid rain on humans and the environment. Determination of the main natural sources of acid rain. The functioning and the organization of the Environmental Protection Agency, its purpose.

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  • Assessing the impact of the environment on activity of industrial producers. Analysis of factors that act as more important determinants influencing the company to take specific environmental strategy. The relevance of stakeholders' positive action.

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  • Analysis of information on the ecological environment of Mongolia in three areas. Environmental policy and program of action, the attention of the country's top leadership to environmental issues, stakeholder participation and development trends.

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  • Parsing the ecological status of the territory of Ukraine. Analysis of climate change on Earth. An analysis of the problem of the shortage of fresh water on Earth. The problem of damage to the chemical balance of soil today.

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  • Ecological and economic effects of this widespread introduction of strong acids into natural systems. Combustion of fossil fuels that produce waste by-products including gases such as oxides of sulfur andnitrogen. Effects on surface water quality.

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  • The use of new computer tools in the context of the dynamic development of the market for the removal and management of waste water caused by the constant requirements of the legislation on environmental protection and energy efficiency, to meet them.

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  • The dramatic limitation of agricultural activity in the exclusion zone and zone of compulsory resettlement and reduction of anthropogenic impact in many times. The problem of natural autochthonous biota conservation on technologically disturbed areas.

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  • This article discusses the conditions for the formation of acid precipitation and meteorological factors affecting their redistribution and precipitation. The main sources of emissions of acid precipitation precursors in the city of Kiev are identified.

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  • Theoretical basis of fuzzy mathematical apparatus sets to evaluate and account the man-made losses is improved in the article in order to take effective administrative decisions to reduce and prevent them. So investigations will give the opportunity.

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