Use of zeolite in agricultureand environmental protection a short review

The analysis of possibility of use of natural aluminosilicates (zeolite) in agriculture and environmental protection in the production of mineral fertilizers for remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals. Their physical and chemical properties.

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  • Characteristics of study results colocating method dampfmuhlenweg parameters of vibration in the constructions with the addition of zeolite on the example of three models containing a modified binder in which the concrete was replaced with zeolite.

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  • The index of Soil Properties in geotechnical engineering. The value of the soil and rocks in the design of civil engineering. Characteristics of hydraulic and mechanical properties of soil. The physical processes associated with drainage of the soil.

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  • Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery and its brief description. Holy Protection AVRAAMIEVO-Gorodetsky Monastery, its analysis. The architecture of the Church of the Resurrection in the Grove. Paisievo-Galich convents. Bogoyavlensko-Anastasiin Convent.

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  • Consideration of the preparation of sorbents for adsorption of polymers on their surface. Their modification in solutions and the creation of composite materials, in particular polymer. Definition of disadvantages of adsorbents as sorbents for plastics.

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  • Studying of the technology for manufacturing window profiles based on polyvinyl chloride. Resistance to external influences as an important ability of window profiles. Analysis of the recycling system associated with the use of recycled materials.

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  • The influence of technological factors on the formation of properties of finegrained concrete. Rapid hardening concrete, modified with complex chemical admixtures, for prestressed precast hollow core slabs produced by continuous extrusion forming.

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  • Using the polymer networks (IPN) principle in production of composite materials. Features of the epoxy and acrylate polyurethanes. Nanostructured composites based on interpenetrated polymer networks: kinds, classification, properties, application.

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  • Location of a private house in the suburbs, on the outskirts of a town or city or in villages. Flats is a large building. Features townhouse situated in the city center back to back. Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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  • Study the creation of multimodal composite Portland cement with optimal filling of voids that are Sinergia combination of ultrafine mineral additives and superplasticizers. Definition of the relationship between microstructure and durability of cement.

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  • Siding - an external covering or a skin of the house, intended for water discharge and protection from influence of weather conditions. Siding is a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the facade structure. Types of siding: wooden, vinyl, metal, brick.

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