Building a system of simulation modeling for spatially-distributed processes

Simulation modeling for solving problems of mathematical physics. Usage cellular neural networks as means of modeling. Usage locally asynchronous methods as algorithmic software and tool optimization of neural network. The block diagram of the software.

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  • The physical principles of meteor radio. A block diagram of hardware and software for sensing meteor trails. The principles of software-defined radio system. А functional diagram of a digital oscillator. shortcomings. Range and security meteor radio.

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  • Kompyutinhove storage as one of the paradigms of periodic training neural networks through the use of rekurrentnoyi other indicators. The new approach, which focuses on learning fuzzy systems thatand its parameters are adapting their structure online.

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  • Development of software and algorithm of the information system for monitoring fires. Possibilities detecting fire from sensor, predicting its spread and assessing the source of ignition. Realization of information through sound and visual signals.

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  • A negligibility-based framework to model network-centric security problems in mobile ad hoc networks. Modeling network-centric security in a negligibility-based framework with network scale as the input parameter and anti-disruption secure routing.

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  • Pulsation effects and the directional diagram on the basis of mathematical modeling of the system "antenna–fuselage of helicopter". Causes of the pulsations and their characteristics. Effects that may result from the pulsations of the radiation pattern.

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  • The methods for adaptive, knowledge-based learning, such as online incremental feature selection, spiking neural networks, adaptive data and model integration, and artificial life systems, particle swarm optimisation, ensembles of evolving systems.

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  • Analytical modeling of typical documents about education, for integration in a computerized learning environment KoHaC. Scheme of the analytical modeling training documentation. The components of the analytical apparatus of a computerized training system.

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  • The problem of the development of mathematical support to automate the process of diagnostic and recognizing model construction by precedents. The software realizing proposed transformations and indicators characterizing their properties was developed.

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  • Overview of software designed to solve engineering problems. Identify the features of Microsoft Office programs, Pascal, AutoCAD, KOMPAS, MATLAB, MATLAB Simulink and MATLAB Plots which are used for graphing, solving equations, functions, matrices.

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  • Standard Formalisms - software engineering notations used to specify the required behaviour of specific interactive systems. Types of system model: dialogue, full state definition, abstract interaction. Computers are inherently mathematical machines.

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