Building a system of simulation modeling for spatially-distributed processes

Simulation modeling for solving problems of mathematical physics. Usage cellular neural networks as means of modeling. Usage locally asynchronous methods as algorithmic software and tool optimization of neural network. The block diagram of the software.

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  • The dimension reduction as a way to overcome the errors of the measurement when dealing with vector data in high-dimensional spaces and as a modelling tool of map. A techniques for dimension. The implementation of neural's networks for these techniques.

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  • A wireless sensor network of distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions and to cooperatively pass their data through the network. The analysis of models of wireless sensor network with random access is presented.

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  • Fuzzy controller has two inputs and one output linguistic variables. Structural diagram of neuro-fuzzy controller. The basic mathematical models of each of the five layers neuro-fuzzy controller. Block diagram of genetic algorithm and feature matching.

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  • Характеристика языка программирования GPSS W (General Purpose Simulation System World). Системные числовые атрибуты. Перспективы развития языка GPSS W. Типы элементов схемы, связи. Пример разработки модели, с использованием расширенного редактора.

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  • Моделювання процесу оцінювання вмотивованості праці ІТ-фахівців інтелектуальними засобами ARIS Simulation. Основні складові нової інформаційної технології мотивації. Концептуальна структура даних ARIS Simulation та автоматичні розрахунки її використання.

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  • The minimal model network comprising 2 QIF neurons that reciprocally excite each other and form a kind of neural oscillator, simulating the persistent activity of cortical delay selective neurons in a WM task. The effect of random perturbations.

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  • Introduction to Blind Signal Processing: Problems and Applications. Iterative Algorithms with Non-negativity Constraints. Basic Properties of PCA. Extraction of Principal Components. SOS Blind Identification Based on EVD. Computer Simulation Experiments.

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  • The model and structure of the intrusion detection system, which is built on the basis of immunological principles. Detecting the network traffic status. The decision rules for the classification of States of network traffic of a computer network.

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  • Data flow diagrams as a hierarchy of functional processes related data flows. Familiarity with the main components of a data flow diagram: external entities, systems and subsystems, processes. Analysis of the structure of building hierarchy DFD.

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  • Processes of ordering and delivery of the ingredients to the warehouse and the costumers. Overview of the ERP system’s logistic unit. Management system for solving a variety of transport logistics problems. Application solution "1С: Enterprise 8".

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