Geography and economy of Germany

The economy of Germany from Nazi Era to nowadays. Development of West and East, post-reunification. 2008-2009 recession and GDP growth in 1992-2009. Economic regions of the country, it’s natural resources, primary and industry. Oil and gas transport.

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  • History of development of economy of Britain in 1950-1990 years, its problems and ways of exit from them. Position in a country during economic crises. Britain's share of world trade in manufactured goods. Role of small business in development of economy.

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  • Information from the history of the formation of the U.S. economy, the beginning of land development. Basic principles of the U.S. economy. The structure of the U.S. financial system. Features of the development of industry and agriculture in the USA.

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  • Geography. Ocean bottom. Water characteristics. The Atlantic Ocean as seen from the west coast of Ireland on a fair day. Climate. History. Some important events in relation to the Atlantic. Economy. Terrain. Elevation extremes. Natural resources.

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  • Determination of the essence of digitalization of the country's economy, taking into account the concept of development. Analysis of transport and logistics system. Introduction of digital technologies in order to meet the needs of consumers in products.

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  • History of the Commonwealth of Australia. A constitutional democracy of the country, three branches of government. States and territories of Australia, geography and environment. Flora and fauna. Prosperous, Western-style mixed economy of the country.

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  • The main characteristic of the status of the Ukrainian economy in comparison with the economy of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Analysis of the study of adaptation of the Ukrainian economic system.

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  • Formation of a policy of modernization of the economy in the conditions of global competition in the context of orientation of Ukraine's development towards sustainable and inclusive growth. Analysis of qualitative parameters of the modernization model.

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  • Trial of the practices of Singapore, Finland and the United States regarding the formation of a system of upbringing and education in pre-school institutions, schools and universities. Study of the baby-economy as the first stage of the nano-economy.

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  • The land and resources of Scotland. Lakes, climate, plant and animal life. Natural resources, population. Principal cities, religion and language. Elementary and secondary schools, universities and colleges. Forestry and fishing, mining and manufacturing.

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  • Kazakhstan is the largest nation and economy in Asia, and the ninth largest nation by area in the world. Kazakhstan's monetary policy has been well-managed. Oil and gas is the leading economic sector. Kazakhstan has the potential to be an oil exporter.

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