Challenges and reforms of the United Nations

Successes and failures in United Nations peacekeeping operations. A feature of preventing further conflicts and disputes between countries. Analysis of the protection of human rights and the environment by unification. The work of the club is privileged.

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  • Feature breach of international peace and safeness through willful political violence. The objectives of the terrorists, according to the United Nations Security Council. Maintenance of public officials in the loop with respect to terrorist threats.

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  • The medical profession in the United States as the most prestigious in the United States. Feature of the pre-medical studies at the university. Development of laboratory sciences and anatomy, physiology and human psychology. Analysis passing residency.

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  • Definition Of Human Rights. The creation and the main content of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Characteristics of contradictions Human Rights. The history, development of the system of the Convention, the European Court of Human rights.

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  • Research on the concepts, types, provision and protection of human rights in euthanasia and its relationship with the human law to health. Possible ways to develop the right to easy painless death in Ukraine, in accordance with international experience.

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  • English as the main means of communication of people in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and numerous other countries. Familiarity with the features of the modern еEnglish alphabet. Analysis of the history and development of the alphabet.

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  • This article discusses bilingualism and linguistic human rights in the USA as a multiethnic country. It provides an overview of the legal framework the USА and the UNO in the area of linguistic human rights. Linguistic ideology in a multiethnic society.

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  • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization consisting of the world's major oil-exporting nations, having a goal to coordinate the petroleum policies of its members. Objective, areas of operation, means, resources of OFID.

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  • Origins of Alaska’s Native Groups. The history of Eskimos. High Society of Alaska’s Southeast. The Northwest Coast Indians From the Russian Empire to the United States of America. By the president of the united states of United States a proclamation.

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  • Characteristics of traditional relationships between members of Russian and English families. Feature explore the culture and values of people. Analysis of proverbs in different nations. Similarities and differences in cultural traits of the population.

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  • Analysis of the historical stages of state formation. Establishment in the United Kingdom a few feudal powers. The invasion of Germanic tribes of Angles on Saxons and Jutes. The most significant of the war England. Characteristics chronology of rulers.

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