Hollywood is a historical center of movie studios and movie stars, district in Los Angeles, California, United States situated west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles. Motion picture industry of Hollywood, the history of its development and current state.

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  • 108 North State Street is a site currently under development as an urban center located in the Loop community area of downtown Chicago, Illinois, United States, details: history, block 37, the Mills Corporation. Progress, phase construction, completion.

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  • History and basic stages of formation and development of the United States, their current status and future prospects. Symbols of statehood, national anthem and flag. The geographical location, climate and terrain features. State system, parliament.

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  • Cinema as a necessary and important part of peoples lives. New York as a movie theater capital of the country. The earliest history of films and movie theatres. The growth of the film industry, major film genres. Film Companies, Directors and Producers.

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  • Origins of Alaska’s Native Groups. The history of Eskimos. High Society of Alaska’s Southeast. The Northwest Coast Indians From the Russian Empire to the United States of America. By the president of the united states of United States a proclamation.

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  • Analysis the movie about Harry Potter – the story of a boy who survived the attack on him the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. Describing the Hogwarts (School of Witchcraft) – the fictional school of wizards. Harry Potter – a series of books and movies.

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  • Особенности и варианты перевода зарубежных общественных центров. Объяснение терминов "Central business district", "downtown", "city center". Описание центральных деловых районов разных стран мира, их функции. Вовлечение городов в процесс джентрификации.

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  • Translation as the Possibility of Understanding the Art of Film Titles. Types and History of Film Translation. The Three Models of Mass Communication. The Titles of Audiovisual Fiction and the Flow Model. Difficulties in Translating Comedy Movie Titles.

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  • Analysis of the historical stages of state formation. Establishment in the United Kingdom a few feudal powers. The invasion of Germanic tribes of Angles on Saxons and Jutes. The most significant of the war England. Characteristics chronology of rulers.

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  • The medical profession in the United States as the most prestigious in the United States. Feature of the pre-medical studies at the university. Development of laboratory sciences and anatomy, physiology and human psychology. Analysis passing residency.

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  • Characteristics of legislation for migrant students in the United States and Russia. Conducting a study of intercultural education for all dimensions. The peculiarity of the state policy in the interests of immigrant pupils in Moscow and California.

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