Effects of Acid Rain on an Ecosystem

Acid rain is a widespread problem found all over the world. The corrosive effects of acidic waters on man. Total effects of a factory polluting the air. Acid rain is devastating to the ecosystem and is one of the most pressing environmental issues today.

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  • The appearance of acid rain as a result of mixing nitrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction of compounds of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Effect of acid rain on the environment and people. Causes of acid precipitation.

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  • Ecological and economic effects of this widespread introduction of strong acids into natural systems. Combustion of fossil fuels that produce waste by-products including gases such as oxides of sulfur andnitrogen. Effects on surface water quality.

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  • The presence of huge automobile and industrial emissions is a one of the factors, which determining air quality in India. Rain as formed due to condensation of the cloud droplets in the upper troposphere and scavenges the atmospheric air pollution.

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  • This article discusses the conditions for the formation of acid precipitation and meteorological factors affecting their redistribution and precipitation. The main sources of emissions of acid precipitation precursors in the city of Kiev are identified.

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  • The hydrological connectivity of aquatic ecosystems in the Sundarbans delta. Effects of oil spill for the flora and fauna. The effects of oil spill on cetaceans, otters, birds, fishes, coastal wetlands and intertidal zones, and the overall ecosystems.

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  • Description of the problem of environmental influences on humans. The disappearance from the face of the Earth of entire ecosystems and species, the deterioration of public health. Deterioration in the quality of atmospheric air, surface and groundwater.

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  • Environmental problems in the modern world. Environmental protection. The shortage of clean water. Industrial pollution. Lake Baikal is one of the worlds’ largest and most beautiful lakes. Rich variety of fish and plants. The problem of air pollution.

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  • The dangers of flooding in almost all terrains. Overflow of the river the reasons leading to deluge. Flooding caused by snow melt in areas of abundant snow accumulation and large temperature changes. Increasing the speed of the melt due to rain.

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  • Major global environmental issues. Analysis of increasing the degree of domestic comfort in modern technological civilization, the rapid deterioration of the ecological situation in the world. Catastrophic consequences of man-made pollution of nature.

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  • Research and characteristics of the issues of environmental pollution in Kazakhstan and energy production from renewables. Analysis and consideration of the expediency of separating hydropower from renewables at calculating the total energy produced.

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