The Impact of the Media Discourse on Subjective Barriers in the HIV/AIDS Prevention among Youth in Russia

Characteristics of state HIV/AIDS prevention system in Russia. The notion of discourse through the prism of influence mechanisms. Basis for HIV testing subjective barriers of Russian youth. Correspondence of media discourse and subjective barriers.

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  • The article examines cognitive and structural-semantic parameters of the speech act of political apology by identifying its salient characteristics and pragmatic significance. The study sets out different types of political apology in the media discourse.

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  • Review the definition of "discourse". Features of diplomatic discourse. Characteristics of the main types of diplomatic correspondence in English. Consideration of the main transfer transformation. Translation Analysis viewpoint of linguistic features.

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  • Analysis of competing discourses. Examples of Discourse Analysis. Discourse Analysis, Discourse Definition and Discourse Community on wise GEEK. The grammar of a specific language. Discourse domain and Discourse Markers. Functions of Discourse Markers.

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  • A study of the concept of fulul in the media in the discourse of the Egyptian revolution. Analysis of semantic and modal aspects of the actions of opponents of revolutionaries. Classification of heroes on the social markers: youth, military, Muslims.

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  • Mechanisms of neologization in the discourse of the British media on the example of The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. Affixation with elements of Latin and Greek terms as productive models for formation of medical neologisms has been examined.

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  • The problem of the strategy and tactics of speech communication in the political media discourse on the example of British political debate. Justifying the need to attract the attention of the recipient by using the language of communication strategies.

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  • Characteristics and pragmatic significance of the semantic parameters of political apology in the media discourse. Public discontent of political apology. Illocutionary force indicating devices and explicit expression of the acknowledgement of guilt.

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  • The identifies the basic laws of the scientific paradigm "discourse – concept". Discourse as a combination of concepts, creation discourse around basic concept, have been characterized. Classific parameters of concept in the discourse have been processed.

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  • Study of the processes of euphemization in English on the themes of disease and death based on discourse materials in the mass media. Analysis of various lexical units of the substitute nature, the reasons for the active euphemization of the language.

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  • Study of grammatical and lexical components of US political discourse, their concatenation and interdependence within this discourse. Identify the main morphological and syntactic characteristics of theatricality strategy in the US political discourse.

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