Handbook of Psychotherapy Integration

A history of psychotherapy integration. The future as an integrating force through the schools of psychotherapy. Integrative psychotherapies for specific disorders. Integrating therapeutic modalities. Future directons in psychotherapy integration.

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  • The relationship of socio-psychological and physiological indicators of adaptation of children to the conditions of study in primary schools. The level of adaptation in elementary school students by factors of Phillips School Anxiety Questionnaire.

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  • Depression is one of the most frequent disorders in elderly. The relationship between low self-esteem, dependent from other person, pessimism and depression. An analysis the personality risk traits among male and female individuals with depression.

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  • The subject of correlation between leadership and management in social psychology. The leader and his features as a subject of research in the framework of various schools and theories. The interrelation of separate elements of process of leadership.

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  • Applied psychology and accidents in Transportation, regulation of transportation systems. Acculturation concept, acculturation strategies and stress. Anxiety disorders in late Life, cognitive aging. Assessment in sport psychology, cheating in sport.

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  • The lack of generalization as one of the most remarkable problems with the exposure therapy, especially with videotapes and images. Specific phobias - psychological problems that have a relatively significant negative impact on the quality of life.

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  • Analysis of the problem of social mobility of the individual in terms of vocational crisis. Identification of the main causes of social mobility of the individual and the main groups of respondents by the level of manifestation of social mobility.

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  • Masculinity-femininity like the phylogenetically predetermined properties of mentality which are formed under the influence of social factors. Characteristics the specific features of sexual crime as the clearest form of gender delinquency of men.

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  • The essence and content of the concept of "conflict" from the point of view of various authors. The positive and negative consequences of the conflict, their specific examples. Methods of resolution and the possibility of preventing conflict situations.

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  • The rehabilitation of adolescents with disabilities. Creating favorable conditions for social adaptation of special children. Problems of infantile cerebral palsy. Changes in psychological status after corrective influence on adolescents with disorders.

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  • The complex of the steady characteristics of aspiration of personality is described. Empirical study of direction, force and sign of the interrelations between the complex of the special features of self-concept and aspiration of student-psychologists.

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