Definition of motivation. Behavioral, cognitive and the humanistic view of motivation. The impact of cooperative learning on motivation. Suggestions for teaching in your classroom: motivating students to learn. Resources for further investigation.

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  • The study of psychological aspects of professional training of engineers in the light of pedagogical problems. Analysis of the psychological components of the personality in training. The role of the professional motivation and psychological culture.

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  • The study of the hypothesis of the dependence of prosocial behavior on the propensity of people to look for strong feelings, on their self-esteem of whether they like these strong feelings. Diagnosis of prosocial behavior, its impact on self-esteem.

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  • Psychodinamic, humanistic, existential, dispositional, learning theories. Psychology of the Individual. Humanistic Psychoanalysis. Psychoanalitic Social Theory. Object Relations Theory. Cognitive Social Learning Theory. Psychology of Personal Constructs.

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  • Sense didactics - the sphere of personal senses starting psychological mechanisms of underlying formation and realization of individual talent. The main factors influencing the nature of cognitive and behavioral activity of students in high school.

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  • To test the hypothesis that prosocial behavior depends on the propensity of people to seek thrills and to their self esteem if they love strong sensations. The statistical significance of the influence of self-esteem prosocial behavior as a variable.

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  • Informal subgroup as a collective subject of group activity. Motivation and socio-perceptual processes in forming informal subgroup. Integration and disintegration processes. Contributions of psychodynamic theories to understanding small groups.

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  • The diversity of organizations and working groups as a prerequisite for the formation of a special type of social identity, as professional, organizational or managerial. Principles of work motivation, association and differences in organizations.

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  • Investigation of the possibilities of intellectual gift and creativity. The individual specificity of the phenomena of intellectual gift, creativity is firmly established and justified by the effectiveness of cognitive-style approach to their diagnosis.

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  • Finding the main particularities of the impact of the participants’ relations towards the group, teacher and teaching methods upon success dynamics of foreign language learning. Psychology of the optimization of the foreign language learning at school.

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  • Research the modern approaches to the problem of intellectual gift and creativities capabilities. Providing sufficient theoretical justification for applying a cognitive-style approach to diagnosis and psychological support of gifted pupils and students.

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