Definition of motivation. Behavioral, cognitive and the humanistic view of motivation. The impact of cooperative learning on motivation. Suggestions for teaching in your classroom: motivating students to learn. Resources for further investigation.

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  • Investigation of the possibilities of intellectual gift and creativity. The individual specificity of the phenomena of intellectual gift, creativity is firmly established and justified by the effectiveness of cognitive-style approach to their diagnosis.

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  • Finding the main particularities of the impact of the participants’ relations towards the group, teacher and teaching methods upon success dynamics of foreign language learning. Psychology of the optimization of the foreign language learning at school.

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  • Research the modern approaches to the problem of intellectual gift and creativities capabilities. Providing sufficient theoretical justification for applying a cognitive-style approach to diagnosis and psychological support of gifted pupils and students.

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  • The study of the text as a creative act, regardless of the level of its novelty and social utility. Description of the process of creating text for students with a compilation. Transformation of intellectual and cognitive problems into an emotional state.

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  • The level of self-realization of students, which are often prone to injury. The impact of trauma on the level of tolerance and academic achievements. The relationship between self-actualization of the students with the events that led to the injury.

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  • Multifactorial analysis of the structures of the integral individuality of students with different strategies for overcoming difficult life situations. The impact of training on the development of structures of integral individuality of students.

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  • The lack of generalization as one of the most remarkable problems with the exposure therapy, especially with videotapes and images. Specific phobias - psychological problems that have a relatively significant negative impact on the quality of life.

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  • Characteristics of cognitive preconditions for the implementation of verbal communication, the essence of which is the exchange of information, its storage and evaluation. Features of using the basic analytical and simulation abilities of students.

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  • Basic Principles of Effective Teaching. Choosing a Textbook. Establishing Yourself as a Teacher. Setting the Stage for Croup Work. Some Characteristics of Effective Teacher. Conducting Memorable Demonstrations. Creating Opportunities for Learning.

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  • Psychological content of teaching foreign languages and its relationship with psycholinguistics, psychology and pedagogy. Modern tendency of foreign language education of the study process. Psychological features of speech acts of language learning.

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