Corruption: repeated procurements as a constituent of corruption. Regional level

Characteristics of corruption processes in public procurement sector. Institutional approach to study government procurement. Neo-institutionalism, the theory of transaction costs. Federal and regional level analysisof repeated government procurements.

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  • The relationship of the state and regional investment policy. The process of improving the planning system and regulation of investment activity at the meso-level. The formation of the phasing and sequence of strategic planning of investment activities.

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  • Evaluation of the specificity of regional development risks. Determination of the negative effects of these risks. Features of social and economic development of regions. Review ways to improve the risk management system of regional development.

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  • Analysis of decision-making process concerning evaluation of initial price of government or municipal contract in the case of purchase for government, municipal needs. Main results of placement of government order for Amur region's needs in 2007-2008.

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  • Features of the economic dimension of the convergence of institutional impacts relative to the sustainability of the development of domestic enterprises. Analysis of the basic provisions of institutional theories in the context of transaction costs.

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  • The welfare effects of enhanced dissemination of public information through the media and disclosures by market participants with high public visibility. The importance of the timely publication of economic statistics, government and the central bank.

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  • Analysis of the problems of the regional economy in Kazakhstan, development of recommendations to improve the situation. Proposed economic mechanism to stimulate the development of territories. Introducing of the effective model of corporate economy.

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  • The many contributions to the modern theory of public goods, including Samuelson's subsequent writings, have revealed that there is widespread disagreement both on fundamental aspects of the theory as well as on its significance for the determination.

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  • The results of the study for both the national culture perspective and the transaction cost perspective. Erramilli's prediction that firms from a country with high PDI and UAI tend to choose the majority ownership when entering a foreign market.

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  • Regional wage inequality in Malaysia is still prevalent widely with more developed regions receiving higher proportions of wages compared to the less developed ones. There is a positive relationship between human capital attainment and salaries.

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  • Universities formation as the major subjects of the state innovative activity. Infrastructure of university as a regional base of industrial, technical and technological resources. Universities as intellectual centres regional economic development.

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