Corruption: repeated procurements as a constituent of corruption. Regional level

Characteristics of corruption processes in public procurement sector. Institutional approach to study government procurement. Neo-institutionalism, the theory of transaction costs. Federal and regional level analysisof repeated government procurements.

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  • The definitions and approaches to corruption. Influence of corruption on economic growth. Methods of measuring corruption. Influence of cashless transactions on corruption. Influence of cashless transactions on economic growth. The econometrical model.

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  • Analysis of concepts of corruption and collective action approach in the fight against corruption. Study of international anti-corruption regulations. Analysis of impact of business organizations on anti-corruption policy in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

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  • The introduction of federal contract system at the federal, subfederal, and municipal levels in Russia. The biggest share is accounted for by an "open e-auction" and almost equal shares come from an "open contest" and "procurement from a sole supplier".

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  • The interdependence of market mechanisms with the effectiveness of the institutional environment. The directions of forming a homogeneous institutional environment. The analysis of the transaction costs of telecommunications market public sector entities.

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  • The prerequisites of the European expansion to the east, the economic and socio-political factors of this process, its stages and the analysis of the consequences. Analysis of informal practices in public procurement, evaluation of national legislation.

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  • The use of business evaluation approaches in Russia as a mandatory component of the legal transaction. The problem of the irresponsibility of appraisers and the loss of the image of the profession. The choice of an appraiser for public procurement.

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  • The main problem of institutional planning in changing economy. Time as a transaction costs. The situation when the firm opens an absolutely independent area is one of the forms of the enterprise's behavior in the conditions of market competition.

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  • A new institutional theory as an important approach in strategic management research. Acquaintance with the translational approach of a new institutional theory in the Russian aviation context. Analysis of information on a case study of Pulkovo Airport.

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  • Introduction of regional development programs in Ukraine, their place at all levels of functioning of small enterprises in modern conditions. Directions and obligatory components of the regional development program on the example of the Lviv region.

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  • The regional approach in pedagogical studies and in gifted education. The meaning of concepts "region", "regionality", "regional approach", "regional dimension" in different contexts. The relevance of studying pedagogical problems in regional context.

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