Determinants of production in the supply chain of daily demand

Conditions (in mass production of GO "Lviv bakeries complex") of implementation of logistic optimization of the production program. Identified processes in the supply chain and outlined the main determinants of the supply chain of products daily demand.

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  • Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. The functions of marketing are: Researching, Buying, Product development and management, Production, Promotion, Standardization and grading, Pricing and Distribution, Risk bearing and Financing.

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  • Availability of information about the market as the main component of any market selection program. The sources of information on international markets and products. Creation of computer databases to help marketers in the problem of identification.

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  • The concept of "breakthrough" products and their characteristics. Analysis the main approaches to pricing the products that are new to the market. The use of methodology for the "breakthrough" product pricing according to the level of its consumer value.

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  • General concept of organic food: basic ideas and explanations. Legislative base for organic production. Understanding and estimating trust in organic food. Trust in organic food among Russian and German consumers: comparative analysis of empirical data.

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  • Practical guidelines for the study methods of conducting strategic operations planning and marketing decision-making for Telecom operators, employees of the departments of communication, Internet service providers or telecommunications agencies.

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  • Сильные и слабые стороны системы складского хозяйства Logistic-Plus, его возможности и угрозы. Складское хранение и обработка. Цех переупаковки HPC, Food. Транспортно-экспедиционное обслуживание. Современная система автоматизированного управления складом.

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  • The characteristics of market research services. The features of the demand for spa services. The functional components of the resort enterprises and features of organization of spa business. Government regulation of resorts, tourism and distributors.

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  • Marketing for the enterprises of the hotel industry, features of the use concepts. The practical marketing in the hotel industry. The problems that arise during the implementation of the marketing complex, ways of their solution. Efficiency of marketing.

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  • Is presented applied to reduce the risk of loss of stock, movement within warehouse, quantity, and material values in the isolated integrated logistics system. Application features ABC analysis, ZYZ analysis and the method of determining the boundaries.

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  • The basic approaches of distribution channels formation of enterprise. Stages of sale channel strategy development. The processes of development, maintaining and usage of customers databases are considered in order to establish contacts with them.

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