Determinants of production in the supply chain of daily demand

Conditions (in mass production of GO "Lviv bakeries complex") of implementation of logistic optimization of the production program. Identified processes in the supply chain and outlined the main determinants of the supply chain of products daily demand.

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  • Explanation is how the changing demographics of the North American population impact the demand for hospitality services. The key supply factors those are important to entertainment organizations. Expected future impact of baby boomers on the demand.

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  • The concept of cold chain in Ukraine, key elements and stages of organizing refrigeration circuit. The development of the national cold chain from the standpoint of implementation of intelligent systems for monitoring of perishable goods in real time.

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  • The impact of book-based movies’ release on book demand in the Russian market. Annual data on the book sales of book retail chain and information about the movie releases. Evaluation of the film industry’s film-making decision and the demand for books.

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  • Specialization of "Nestle" in the production of pet food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. History of company and output on the world market. Start of production of Nescafe. Produsing by "Nestle" in Ukraine produces a wide range of food products.

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  • Принципы достижения наилучшего уровня выполнения работ и управления процессами в цепи поставок. Характеристика нормативного, стратегического и оперативного управления в рамках стратегии Supply Chain Management. Преимущества для поставщиков в системе SCM.

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  • Управление цепями поставок (Supply Chain Management – SCM). История развития SCM, ее роль в экономике предприятия. Элементы управления предприятием. Эволюция производственно-логистических концепций. Объективные основы развития управления цепями поставок.

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  • The role of tastes and preferences of consumers in the process of determining the demand for goods. Changes in the prices of related products, the use of advertising in stimulating the sale of products. Consumers ' expectations concerning future prices.

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  • Features modern agrologistika in Ukraine, its formation and development. The role of logistics in supply, moving, storage and delivery of finished products to customers. Definition the main goal of "green" logistics, its importance and formation.

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  • Analysis of factors affecting consumer demand, the mechanisms of adjustment and improvement. The construction of the table and the graph the demand curve. The reasons of falling prices, ceteris paribus. The functions of taxes, the problem of subsidies.

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  • The system of indicators, the reflecting the level of production. Dairy industry as a leader in the food industry, it’s place in consumption. Organizational and methodological aspects of the analysis of the availability of production and cost of milk.

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