Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • The comparison of the computer development in the USA and Ukraine. At the time when the computer science was just uprising this two countries were one of the most noticeably influential. Howard Aiken's contributions to the development of the computer.

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  • Понятие об архитектурной операционной системе. Обзор аппаратных и программных обеспечений компьютера с помощью "software" и "hardware". Очерк интеллектуального проектирования пространств и интерфейсов с использованием встроенных микропроцессоров.

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  • An integrated approach to the study of different kinds of virus attacks that are launched against wireless networks and computer systems. Characteristics of certificate programs provide protective mechanisms and practical tools for information security.

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  • Suggestion information model of environment of computer-aided design, consisting of a сontrol processor, thematic coprocessors and executing processors. The scheme of processors control in the information model. Interaction of thematic coprocessors.

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  • Antivirus is used to prevent, detect and remove malware, including computer viruses and worms. Such programs may also prevent and remove adware, spyware and other forms of malware. Identification methods: signature based detection and file emulation.

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  • One of the important functions of science is the organization of information storage for searching some data. The basic principle of the database and Relational Database Management System. The SQL Language, Web-page, Macros and Integrity Constraints.

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  • The software which automates the process of air-traffic situations generation. The set includes: airspace sector editor, dynamic situation generator. Reducing the generation time and increasing the quantities of practical tasks due to automation.

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  • The use firewalls to create a demilitarized zone to protect the servers from unauthorized access. The versions of creation of virtual private networks that can combine some geographically distant networks in one network using global information space.

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  • Functioning system BIOS when enabling the computer. Program CMOS Setup. The main sections of the program BIOS Setup. Advanced BIOS, Chipset Features. Power Management Setup. Adjustment computer system parameter. Determination load device operating system.

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  • The invention of the computer. Babbage's demonstration model mechanical calculator. Sequence of operations for column. The logical structure of the Analytical Engine. The programming language. Mechanical calculation device based on the design in 1853.

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