Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • The approaches to the information system construction for analyzing work complexity. Business logic and access logic to the database, as a basis of software implementation and in future presentation logic. The block diagram of the information system.

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  • Information system research in historic perspective. Research scope on digital transformation. Depicting countries for software trade comparison analysis. Digital transformation conditions in Russia. Japanese school in information system research field.

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  • The model and structure of the intrusion detection system, which is built on the basis of immunological principles. Detecting the network traffic status. The decision rules for the classification of States of network traffic of a computer network.

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  • Definition of the concept "сybercrime". Analysis of history and cyber threat evolution. Study of the types of cybercrime. Characteristic of hacking, denial of service attack, virus dissemination, computer vandalism, cyber terrorism and software piracy.

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  • Structure and functions of the computer. General characteristics and capabilities of the operating system Windows XP, its member programs and functional features. Structure and principles of programming in C ++ Builder IDE, evaluation of results.

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  • The opportunities that create application of computer visualization using mathematical software to improve the quality of interactive teaching of students. Visualization of numerical solution of problems of mathematical physics by finite element method.

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  • The Internet - a global association of computer networks. E-mail - system for sending messages between users. Guaranteeing the flow of information between customers, establishment of a virtual connection - the tasks of Transmission Control Protocol.

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  • Структура и функции семейства методологий и поддерживающих их программных продуктов. Проектирование, полностью охватывающее все этапы жизненного цикла информационных систем. Локальные средства как ERwin, S-Designor, Computer-aided software engineering.

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  • The questions of energy efficiency of information systems. The study of existing methods to reduce energy consumption at the program level. A new approach to the development of energy-efficient software that passes through its entire life cycle.

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  • Basic directions in the design of the interface. The interaction between human and computer. Introduction to user preferences, as to the operation of the computer system. The principles used to create virtual navigation for the operating system.

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