Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • The invention of the computer. Babbage's demonstration model mechanical calculator. Sequence of operations for column. The logical structure of the Analytical Engine. The programming language. Mechanical calculation device based on the design in 1853.

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  • Especially the use of simulators to create a network for conducting research in the field of computer networking. Research simulators (Ns-2, Oрnet, PacketTracer, etc.), their comparison on the basis of performance IP networking with the security settings.

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  • Implementation of cloud storage on the Internet. New types of Internet security and ways to prevent hacker attacks. Methods of legal regulation of information security practices. Application of the methods of active defense. Combating cybercrime.

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  • Introduction to Blind Signal Processing: Problems and Applications. Iterative Algorithms with Non-negativity Constraints. Basic Properties of PCA. Extraction of Principal Components. SOS Blind Identification Based on EVD. Computer Simulation Experiments.

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  • Requirements for users support. Approaches to user modeling. Problems of adaptive help. Techniques for knowledge representation. Implementation of advisory strategies. Demands for effective presentation. The need for system-oriented documentation.

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  • Analysis of the specific features of automatic code generation for diagrams in the Dragon programming language. Computer’s training by creating an expert system as very different form of human learning. The algorithm of a trip by bus on Python 2.7.

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  • The issue of necessity of monitoring circumstance of software systems implemented through service-based principle in conditions of continuous development and enhancement. Pattern and antipattern detection. Metric calculation algorithms. Response time.

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  • Investigation of polygonal meshes to represent objects in systems of computer-aided design and computer graphics. Use the method of the voting tensor to isolate in the geometric structures the sparsities, irregularities and possible sources of noise.

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  • Вatch generation of web pages, local interaction. Non-linear structure: blocks of text, links between pages create a mesh or network, users follow their own path through information. Delivery technology: on the computer, on the web, on the move.

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  • Building a full map of the mental activity of the human brain. Various sensors detect the pressure pulses, temperature. Mind reading machine - a coordination of human psychology and computer techniques. Extract safe and confidential information.

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