Hardware and software

The basic approaches to developing application software and computer system components. The generations of object-oriented programming languages. Types of computer systems and secondary storage, storage area network and output devices of information.

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  • Basic directions in the design of the interface. The interaction between human and computer. Introduction to user preferences, as to the operation of the computer system. The principles used to create virtual navigation for the operating system.

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  • Cryptography in the Information Age. Information Protection Problems in Computer Systems. The Fundamentals of One-Key Cryptography. Substituion—Permutation Networks with Minimal Controlled Elements. Designing Fast Ciphers Based on Controlled Operations.

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  • A structured language as one of a variety of programming possibilities. Unions, enumerations, and user-defined types systems the standard function library. Exception handling and miscellaneous classes. An object-oriented expression parser in program.

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  • The concept of cloud computing. Types of clouds. Advantages and disadvantages of using the network technology. Examining the main parts of the computing system. Studying the protection problems of information security in corporate and public systems.

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  • Factors influencing the use of Internet. Question about adoption of the learning management system in schools. The possibility for using computers and Internet for educational purposes. Software application for delivery of learning content to students.

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  • History of game technology, from simple pixel games to modern digital. The development of games and software video games from the point of view of the programmer. Experts participating in the development of games. Classification types of popular games.

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  • USA. Howard H. Aiken the computer. Ope ration of the eniac. The development of computers in the USA. Macintosh performa 6200/6300. Top 20 computer systems. The development of computers in Ukraine and the former USSR. Kiev the homecity of mesm.

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  • Disclosure mechanisms that will help to identify lines with Romanian chromatic words on the basis of computer technology, as the first stage in developing the dictionary of poetic meanings of colors. Cooperation of linguists and computer specialists.

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  • The nature and characteristics of distributed operating systems. Characteristic and distinctive features of operating systems real-time. Description, application and purpose multiprocessor operating systems, its role and place in computer security.

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  • The use of specific application packages in the professional field. The integration of mobile technologies and cloud computing. Systems design and automation of scientific research. Educational software packages. Programs in economically viable.

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