Modality of syntactic structures in the text

Modality is the essential property of text and irrespective of the fact whether it is considered a category or not, it is always present in any type of text. Modality of syntactic structures in the text. The characterising function of modality text.

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  • The essence of modality as a category of linguistic meaning, its objective and subjective types. The concept of Sh. Ballie for modality in the West-European linguistics. Modal values having different means of expression according to the A.V. Bondarko.

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  • Study and analysis of scientific literature on the problem of partitioning of the oral and written text. Were shown the characteristics of oral text and the difference between super-phrasal unity of the text on the basis of the performed analysis.

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  • An analysis of the role of modality in the English academic writing. Discourse study of articles in physics, biology, chemistry and psychology. The classification of modality expression means suggested by Frank Palmer: epistemic, deontic, and dynamic.

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  • The role of context when translating isolated words. Increased accuracy and efficiency in translation. Description of the five aspects of context, termed co-text, rel-text, chron-text and non-text in the profile. Analysis of errors in translations.

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  • Types of the learning styles. Identifying stressed syllables. Writing a text with the passive form. Discussing information from the text. Predicting the content of a text. Practising word formation. Understanding vocabulary. Discussing a quotation.

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  • The ways of expressing modality in the composition of Russian and English folk will take and identify the most frequent variants of its expression. Features of lexical expression of modality with the help of the verbs and words in both languages.

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  • It is argued that the multiperspective approach to the study of the text units accounts for a wider outlook toward disclosing the authentic message of the text. The mechanism of expanding the semantic data field of the key units considered is shown.

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  • Analysis of contexts with the stylistically marked inverted syntactic structures containing ethnically marked and imagery elements. The study of the factors of their emotiveness in the text, taking into account language and extra language parameters.

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  • Translation strategies for foreignization and domestication as mechanisms of translation of cultural features of the source text into the target text. Methods of transferring extralinguistic elements of the text by theoreticians of translation studies.

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  • Theoretical aspects of the narrative, the definition of the narrativity of the text. Determine the temporal structure of the narrative as a configuration of a set of elements, events, and situations. Integrity of presentation, complication and resolution.

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