Characterization of semiconductor materials. Principles and Methods

An analysis of demand in the semiconductor industry, covering all three phases of materials: gases, liquids and solids. The study of the peculiarities of application for solids which includes a semiconductor substrate, metal, dielectric, an organic film.

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  • Types of tool materials: from high-carbon steel to ceramics and diamonds, and their use as cutting tools in the modern metal industry. Cutting tool and its characteristics: hardness, strength. Achieving an acceptable tool life before replacing it.

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  • Application and classification of construction materials. Definition of key indicators affecting the choice of material. Alloys based on copper and aluminum. Properties, applications and benefits of innovative materials, thermosetting plastics, ceramics.

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  • Gathering of materials about a petroleum industry in a museum creates favorable conditions for their protection. The assemblage of materials is stored In a museum about the factory "Brothers Nobel". The oil extracted by brothers Nobel in 1894-1903.

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  • Theoretical study of the basic functioning of the starch industry. The raw materials used for the а production of polysaccharide under consideration. The structure of the modified starches and dextrin. The use of the ingredient as a food additive.

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  • Extraction of lithium using highly selective inorganic ion exchangers. Composite matrix-isolated flocculants-coagulants. Matrix isolation method is one of the directions of nanotechnology. The technology of application functional nanocomposite materials.

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  • These developments are devoted to the use of sol-gel processes in various branches of science and technology. Based on inorganic ion-exchange materials, a technology was developed to extract lithium from natural brines, which are poor in lithium content.

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  • The main production methods jet fuels rocket engines. Prospects for the use of various raw materials to produce jet fuels in the context of limited energy resources. The impact of processing production and use of aviation fuels on the environment.

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  • Review of works on the creation and study of environmentally friendly nanostructured polymer composites. Technology of production and application of nanocellulose. Development of new environmentally friendly hydrophobic polymer composites, their scope.

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  • The technology of polystyrene plastics. The application methods for industrial liquid coatings and finishes. The spraying, brushing, printing, and silk screening. The application methods for powder coatings and finishes. The electrostatic spray outfits.

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  • Features the design of tooling for casting under pressure of zinc alloys. The problem that arise when designing a press-forms of analysis. Experiments to study thermal stability of materials, parts, equipment subject to cyclic thermo-mechanical treatment.

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