Milk and dairy products

Dairy milk is an opaque white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It provides the primary source of nutrition for newborn mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. Pasteurization is used to kill harmful microorganisms.

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  • Extra textual factors in text. A source text as a part of a unit of higher rank. Basic functions of communication. The foundations of scientific theory of translation. The semantic divergences between the languages. The absence of emotional coloring.

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  • Features history of the formation of the English language, the specific features of its grammar and spelling. Language structure, types, forms of borrowing it, the source and meaning. An investigation of the origin of the words in "God save the Queen".

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  • The main characteristic of improving lexical skills as an important part of teaching English. Analysis of the concept and purpose of learning vocabulary. The development of a lesson using different types of games in the education of foreign speech.

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  • Изучение роли цвета в жизни человека, общества и нации. Исследование трех цветообозначений (белый "white", черный "black" и красный "red") и того, как они отражают национально-культурные особенности явлений действительности в сознании говорящих.

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  • Morphological Structure of words. Role of Affix in word formation process. Productive and nonproductive types of affixes. Difference between Affixation and Blending. Categories and Types of Affixes. Use of Affix according to its positional category.

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  • Dialect language as a phenomenon and call an interpreter. Characteristics of the major stages of translation. Transfer modalities talk phraseology of the "food" component. The main peculiarity of comparison the respective idioms Ukrainian and English.

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  • Interaction of dictionary and contextual logical meaning. The relation between the container and the thing. Interaction of primary and derivative logical meanings. The syntactical stylistic devices classification of syntactical stylistic devices.

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  • Interpreting the composition and dynamics of presettlement forests. Inferred about pre- settlement pine density from land surveys and lumber statistics, based on new evidence and analyses. Statistics of growth and income of white pine-tree of lumber.

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  • Analysis of obtaining an artificial stone constructions. Synthesizing alkali aluminosilicate similar to natural mineral from the group of zeolites. The presence of tumors in the products of cement hydration properties of high performance and durability.

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  • Evaluation of ethnocultural types of appearance from the standpoint of the psychology of social cognition. Comparison of the aesthetic evaluation of the attractiveness and degree of equivalence of the components of ethnocultural types of appearance.

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