The role of information technology in improvement of the authority activities

The peculiarity of the introduction of e-government to the authorities on the example of the Vladimir region. Ensuring intercommunion of citizens and enterprises with politicians and officials throughout the whole cycle of state policy formation.

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  • An analysis of the policy of the Joseon government towards Japan. The essence of crimes committed by people of the two countries that occurred during the implementation of these policies. Study of military suppression and issuing of country visas.

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  • Analysis of the needs of future radio engineers to learn English and the role of information technology among these needs. The need to develop programs for teaching professionally oriented English language that would satisfy the needs of students.

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  • The benefits of information technology as traditional educational institutions, and models of online education. The feature of the use of multimedia presentations, knowledge management software, video conferencing and cloud computing in English lessons.

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  • Benefits of issuing municipal bonds to local authorities and their attractiveness for potential investors. Types of institutions in the financial infrastructure of the region operating in developed countries and their role in financing regional needs.

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  • Conceptual approaches to the formation of stages of development of new enterprises. Determination of the essence of a startup and all the necessary degrees of its cycle of existence. Improving the financial condition and market prosperity of the company.

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  • The telecommunication services in United Kingdom. The development of information technology: company "British Telecom", "O2", "T-Mobile", "Three", "Orange", "Vodafone" and others. The information technologies in Ukraine: the National Informatisation.

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  • Creating an effective institutional framework for cumulative changes in the economy of fiscal policy. Analysis of maintaining a sufficient level of financial stability and expanding the competitive potential of the territories and the state as a whole.

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  • Transformations of all spheres of social life both in the practical plane, and in the worldview and value aspects, transforming awareness of the different levels of human life. Information as the main value. Formation of media in the information space.

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  • Establishing a government decree set of rules. Characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon system of common law. The main analysis of the continental European Code of Practice. The peculiarity of the religious freedom legislation. Protect people from abuse study.

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  • Finding of the guidelines for the formation of reasonable behavior for the state. The peculiarity of the education system, thanks to the development of which it is possible to train qualified people capable of becoming the intellectual elite of society.

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