The role of information technology in improvement of the authority activities

The peculiarity of the introduction of e-government to the authorities on the example of the Vladimir region. Ensuring intercommunion of citizens and enterprises with politicians and officials throughout the whole cycle of state policy formation.

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  • The importance of extralinguistic factors to maintain the prestige of political parties. Development of programs of education English language, the reasons for increasing its role in globalization conditions. Ensuring the interests of local communities.

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  • The collapse of the Soviet Union. Types of legal entities in Russia. A significant drawback for investment. The contribution of starting capital and credits by foreign co-owners of enterprises. The Putin government investment program in nanotechnology.

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  • Analysis of modern tools of information wars. Systematization of types of communication weapons on the Internet. Determination of the components of the 4P system. Characteristics of the role of social networks in the strategy of intelligence arms.

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  • The study of corporate culture as a factor in the impact on the effectiveness of the organization and the productivity of its employees. The peculiarity of establishing the relationship between the goals of the organization and the goals of employees.

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  • Feature identify deficiencies in completing the charge risks of the State Tax Service of Ukraine. Development of recommendations on changing approaches to the probability of occurrence of the management for the taxpayer adverse legal consequences.

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  • Sustainable development of Kazakh, Russian and English among Kazakhstani people. Government initiative to introduce trilingualism in schools. Multilingualism as a guarantee of integration. The problem of the implementation of multilingualism in the state.

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  • Main functions of the database management system. Creation of a conceptual data model that reflects the structure of information that should be stored in the data bank. The peculiarity of the design of spreadsheets. Use the program to store evidence.

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  • General characteristics and features of corporate governance reforms in the United States and Germany over the last decade as an expansion of the state. The role of financial capitalism, public policy and economic structure of industrialized countries.

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  • Ways of borrowing English vocabulary from other languages. The formation of Britain's foreign lexical structure. The peculiarity of adoption a dictionary in Russian. The peculiarity of the narrower special meaning of the international words of Russia.

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  • Energy management as a financial instrument that can provide enterprises with economies of scale through the implementation of a sound policy for the production and use of energy resources. Applications of benchmarking, outsourcing and coaching.

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