Term formation in English, German and Russian logistics terminology

Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • English textbook for grade 7. Topics for study: "The World teenagers' competition", "School education", "Sport is fun". Verb tenses. Verb s followed by the -ing form or by to. Viparison of adjectives and adverbs. List of personal and geographical names.

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  • Characteristics of loanwords in the terminology of finance. Analysis of translation techniques and the phenomenon of alternate use of Russian and English, i.e. language strategy aimed at identifying the speaker as a member of the professional community.

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  • Exploring the dimensions of idioms, the feasibility of its use by analyzing the idiomatic units in different languages, finding them in an dictionary and the definition of ways of formation of idiomatic expressions and approaches to teaching language.

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  • Part of Beowulf, a poem written in Old English. Indo-European language and people. Characteristics of the Old English. The Germanic tribes. The infinitive of verbs. Dialects in the United States. The most famous writers from the Middle English period.

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  • Specific features of the studies of Ivan Franko archetypes of similarities, differences in Ukrainian and Polish linguistic cultures. "Galician-Russian folk bywords" - one of the unique source for the analysis of loanwords in the Ukrainian language.

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  • Consideration and analysis of the essential method within the frame of phraseology, which was introduced by A.V. Kunin. Acquaintance with the statement that sources of phraseology as a linguistic discipline, which can be found in russian grammar.

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  • The word formation linguistic disciplines and subject of it research. The concept of derivation and its main issues. General characteristics of word formation. The morphemic structure of English Language. Compound words in Modern English Language.

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  • The main parts of speech in English grammar: noun, pronoun, verb, adjectives, adverbs, preposition, interjection. The definition and meaning of a noun. Types of nouns – people, places, things and ideas. The verb - the most important part of the sentence.

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  • The problem of the English language influence on the German language. The analysis of some changes in the system of the German language of the last decade of the XXth and the beginning of the XXIth centuries. Modern borrowings in German language.

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  • Learning inventory in sign languages. Assay of the inventory of the shape of the hands and its interaction with the hands. Phonemic inventory of hand forms. Formation of a phonemic inventory for the Russian sign language. Location cash setting feature.

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