Term formation in English, German and Russian logistics terminology

Systematization of the main ways of translating the meanings of the verb can into Russian. Means of lexicalization of modal trajectories of the verb can in the Russian language, cross-linguistic comparison of modal values with his "translateme".

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  • The national peculiarities notion of culture of the Russian and English languages. The preservation of cultural heritage of human society and the transfer of emotional evaluation. Russian and English idioms representing words "осень" and "autumn".

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  • The verb "be", uses of the simple present tense. Conjugation of the verb "to be". Reducing the "to be" verb in writing. Don't misuse the verb "to be". The verb To Be with a noun or pronoun complement. The verb "Be" with adjectives and prepositions.

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  • Concept - a mental formation, which possesses a specific cultural value, and represents elements of the world for people in the course of communication. The reasons for the lack of ethical evaluations of "beauty" in the Russian language-based concept.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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  • Determination of the role of associations in the presentation of values in a linguistic phrasemic with a projection on somatic, biomorphic, natural, colorative, quantitative, gastronomic codes of culture. Specificity of the components of the phrases.

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  • Five main categories of Germanic languages. The history of the English verb. The characteristic of the Modern English verbs, main groups of strong verbs. Tense of the English verbs. Peculiarities of aspect in English. The forms of suppletive verbs.

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  • Analysis of the theme of the importance of polylinguism in Kazakhstan Republic. Value of mastering three languages competently (Kazakh, Russian and English). A unique project "Trinity of languages". The status of the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

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  • The concept of borrowing, particularly borrowing in the English language. The richness of vocabulary of a foreign language. Features of the distribution of Russian words in the English language, the classification of borrowings denoting concepts.

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  • Characteristic features of phraseological units, especially their translation from English into Russian. Tasks phraseology as a linguistic discipline. Full and partial phraseological equivalents. Introduction to the idiomatic expression of new components.

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  • Analyze the model of forming the Old English phrasal verb. The area of phrasal verbs or V+P verbal complexes in Old English. Study the diachronic questions concerning their development. Raising issues pertaining to grammaticalization and lexicalization.

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