Harmonization of linguistic terminology: prepositional equivalents of the word

The problem of harmonization of linguistic terminology, in particular of that related to prepositional equivalents of the word. The different languages undergo similar development processes, which results in arising of transitional language units.

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  • Opening of maintenance of polysemy as systems of polisemanticy and variant of value of word are in a language. Concept of homonym, his sounding, pronunciation, variations of values and general classification of sources. Linguistic nature of morphemes.

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  • The study of the origin, semantics and historical dynamics of word-formation means at various stages of the diachrony of the German language. Application of the principles and methods of synergetic methodology for solving word formation problems.

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  • The word formation linguistic disciplines and subject of it research. The concept of derivation and its main issues. General characteristics of word formation. The morphemic structure of English Language. Compound words in Modern English Language.

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  • Today cognitive science is especially attracted to the problem of cognitive semantics: the conceptualization of language units. The research shows that the order of attributes in a sentence depends on many factors – both linguistic and extra-linguistic.

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  • Mapping the lexical structure of simple and complex linguistic units, which is a grammatical connection of words having a semantic completeness. The linguistic essence of the composite syntactic units. The classification of the subordinate clauses.

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  • The role of literary arts aimed at improving student’s language competences, vocabulary and terminology by providing them with opportunity to acquire language and business skills through exploring fictional situations and future profession-related topics.

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  • Terminology as a discipline that systematically studies the labelling or designating of concepts particular to one or more subject fields. Technical terms that lead to a great density of prose. Forming a large number of scientific words and their meaning.

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  • Linguistic features of the vowels and consonants in the German language. Historical background, peculiarities of ancient and modern Germanic languages. Phonetic processes in old English, the great vowel shift. Grammatical categories of English verb.

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  • The process of scientific investigation. Linguistic generalization is to be followed. The methods of investigation. Attempt to find out similarities and differences in both related and non-related languages. The problems of communication engineering.

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  • The linguistic researches of the aspects of Languages for Special Purposes and systematization of their results . The issues related to effectively teaching professional languages. The glottodidattica direction of Languages for Special Purposes studies.

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