Harmonization of linguistic terminology: prepositional equivalents of the word

The problem of harmonization of linguistic terminology, in particular of that related to prepositional equivalents of the word. The different languages undergo similar development processes, which results in arising of transitional language units.

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  • Word formation as a linguistic discipline and subject of its research. Types of word-formation: аffixation, сonversion, сomposition, shortening. Minor types of word-formation: reduplication, blending, initialism, neologism, onomatopoeia, backformation.

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  • Familiarity with the key features of the formation and development of English aviation terminology. Specialized dictionary as the most important part of the linguistic fund. General characteristics of the etymological foundations of terminology.

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  • Phraseological units are word-groups that cannot be made in the process of speech, they exist in the language as ready-made units - idioms. Рhraseological combinations - groups with a partially changed meaning. Description of the main linguistic features.

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  • The language of each people is a system in which social processes are reflected. Sociectic measurement of a language consisting of linguistic sub-standards of varying degrees of codification, including slang. Study of productive means of word formation.

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  • Word - a universal conservator of a nation’s worldview, which includes a large amount of culture-specific information. Colored vocabulary as an element related to the language historical development. Symbolic meaning of colours in Turkish history.

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  • Characteristic features of phraseological units, especially their translation from English into Russian. Tasks phraseology as a linguistic discipline. Full and partial phraseological equivalents. Introduction to the idiomatic expression of new components.

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  • Comparison grammatical and semantic component of word-forms of the same word. Semantic analysis of related words in English and Russian. Denotational and Connotational meaning of the word. Historical, Psychological, Linguistic causes of semantic change.

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  • Opening of maintenance of polysemy as systems of polisemanticy and variant of value of word are in a language. Concept of homonym, his sounding, pronunciation, variations of values and general classification of sources. Linguistic nature of morphemes.

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  • The study of the origin, semantics and historical dynamics of word-formation means at various stages of the diachrony of the German language. Application of the principles and methods of synergetic methodology for solving word formation problems.

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  • The word formation linguistic disciplines and subject of it research. The concept of derivation and its main issues. General characteristics of word formation. The morphemic structure of English Language. Compound words in Modern English Language.

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