Handbook of adolescent psychology

Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • The article deals with the cognitive aspects of moral decision making, the theory of cognitive development proposed by American psychologist L. Kohlberg is examined, which could be applicable to the analysis of reasoning in the decision making process.

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  • Occupational self-determination of adolescent school students. Correlation between indicators of realistic personality type and internal individually significant motives. Indicators of social personality type and motive of social significance of a job.

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  • Analysis of such a complex and multifaceted phenomenon as moral reflection. Study of the moral and ethical development of the modern personality and the real needs of both science and society in the new psychological understanding of this phenomenon.

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  • The presence of stress, contradictions and conflicts as an integral part of the development, self-improvement and student socialization process. Intrapersonal conflict as a psychological mechanism of personality transformation in a social situation.

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  • Asocial behavior of minors as a problem of educational psychology. Overview of areas of prevention and correction of deviant and delinquent behavior. The role of social institutions and psychologists of the educational system in these processes.

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  • Approaches to the whole man-machine system optimization. The consideration of psychological factors in the development of new technical means of activity and modernization of the available ones. The man-machine system development and exploitation.

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  • Analysis of the formation of the cognitive component of knowledge on the differentiation of physiological and functional characteristics of men and women in adolescent girls with mental retardation. Level of intellectual development of teenage girls.

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  • The negative impact of media on children behavior. Television as a common cause of reducing the time to communicate with family and friends. The impact of violence and erotic scenes on adolescent psychology. The relationship between parents and children.

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  • Theoretical problems of perception and innovative technologies introduction. Results of empirical research of personal qualities and psychological readiness of people included in innovative processes. Development of inclination to risk and a rigidity.

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  • The uncovering sensitive period of learning in higher education. Specifics of psychological training of physicians and its necessity in the performance of professional functions. The formation of the moral and ethical qualities of future physicians.

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