Handbook of adolescent psychology

Puberty and Psychological Development. Socialization and Self-Development. Moral Cognitions and Prosocial answers in Adolescence. Processes of Risk and Resilience. Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Influences. The Legal Regulation of behavior.

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  • The article defines the role, psychological profile and factors of socially responsible personality development. Rapid development of society needs the intensive formation of a socially responsible personality at colleges and universities around a world.

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  • Causes loss of memory and mental capacity of the person. Review of studies on the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders. Psychological regularities of development of cognitive engagement. Risk factors of brain diseases.

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  • The psychology of control negative emotions. The definition of what constitutes purposeful social behavior, allowing the person to cope with a difficult life situation. The effectiveness a coping behavior in the professional activities of bailiffs.

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  • Some aspects of giftedness and creativity, the conditions of their formation and development, social approaches. Standards and subjective norms intellectually creative behavior. Social, cultural and historical factors of the development of talent.

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  • The psychological features of development of professional competencies of future teachers are revealed in the process of professional training. The tendency of higher educational institutions and the system of vocational education has been revealed.

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  • Study of problems in modern psychological science of the phenomenon "language personality". Definition of psychological conditions and psychodactical methods of development of the language personality of the preschool child in the process of listening.

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  • Psychology and Common Sense. The support and structure of neurons. The Growth of the Central Nervous System. Sociobiology and sexual behaviour. Psychosomatic disorders and panic attacks. Hunger and the Control of Food Intake. The Development of Emotion.

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  • The role of crisis conditions in the modern space in the perception of negative tendencies that provoke a chaotic rethinking of many age-related achievements of moral progress. Analysis of the controversial problems of euthanasia in modern practice.

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  • Subject of cross-cultural psychology. The ethical problems of data collection. Ethnocentric or egocentric perception. The differences of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. The psychological implications of intercultural communication.

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  • Spirituality is expressed in a person as acts in the affective states spiritual experiences that reflect its values and meanings, realized in the form of spiritual abilities. In psychology spirituality seen in the unity of the moral, mental components.

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