Big data analysis influence on public administration processes

The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Modern transformations in the economic system of Ukraine, business development and market structures, the need for efficient both overall information society and regional levels. The usage of a conceptual model of regional information management.

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  • Analysis methodology implementation of administrative reform as a system of managerial innovations. Innovative activity as a combination of technology and best way to use social resources. The formation of the innovation paradigm of state administration.

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  • The concept of behavioral risk management. Using the method of behavioral Economics and predictive analysis to reduce the cost of enterprise-related health problems and conduct of personnel in the workplace. The process of improving risk management.

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  • Анализ заболевания как социально-экономического ущерба. Определение понятия "стоимость заболевания". Анализ методов оценки экономических потерь, связанных с преждевременной смертностью. Описание технологии Data Mining, ее наиболее распространенных задач.

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  • Financial statements, analysis, planning and forecasting. Structure of national financial system. Institutions and capital markets. Administration and control in a firm. Alternative forms of business organization. Hierarchy of the stakeholders goals.

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  • Mechanism of raising funds through ICO. History of development and the current state of the market. Analysis of the factors influence on the success of the ICO. Building a multiple regression models for The ICO Success. Mean and variance analysis.

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  • Innovative approach to reforming the current higher educational institution management. The research of developing recommendations on ways to increase efficiency of higher educational institution management system with process management methods.

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  • Theoretical Analysis of Civil servants pay differentiation. Possible ways of optimization civil servants’ pay differentiation. Comparative analysis of civil servants’ pay differentiation in Central government of Russia and OECD countries. Pay composition.

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  • A look at strategic processes from historical of view. A comparative analysis of schools of strategic management. The relationship between the choice of the accounting and management strategy of the company, its creation by predicting the future.

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  • Тhe electronic employment in public services. Аnalys of the employment process in public services through the functioning of Internet labour market, social and professional networks and a model of e-mployment. Electronic control of employment procedures.

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