Big data analysis influence on public administration processes

The impact of collection, integration, collaboration and analysis of large volumes of data on management principles in various industries is still to describe. Analyze the ways how public agencies are developing in data experience in benchmark countries.

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  • Consideration of the current trend of research on the relationship between social ties and productivity. The impact of social interaction on staff self-esteem. The consequences of a rigid structuring of workflows. Analysis of tools for organizing tasks.

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  • Management tools for managing credit risks. Indebtedness of buyers and existing customers on financial investments of companies. Factors that have a significant impact on the complex of credit risks. Analysis of the causes of losses of organizations.

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  • Integration of Ukraine into the global economy. The sustainable development and competitiveness in a highly competitive, economic crisis. The real ways of adapting staff to a market economy. Motivation as an effective personnel management factor.

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  • Integration of the global and business environment. Corporate social responsibility at the modern enterprise. Making profit as the main goal of the company. The internal environment of the organization, its influence on the management decisions.

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  • Analysis of duties, responsibilities, knowledge, abilities and skills of effective project managers. Determination of the qualities of a modern successful manager in this field, as well as assessment of the most important personal characteristics.

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  • General overview of the logistics concept of the "physical Internet". Principles of the concept in the operation and functioning of global logistics systems. Operations based on software for storage and transportation. Optimizing the provision of data.

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  • Describes tendencies of personnel management in Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises in order to estimate the current level of personnel management. Analysis personnel management is a fundamental element of quality system in pharmaceutical industry.

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  • The analysis of reports on the last researches in area of project management office. Comparison of approaches in project management at the entities with PMO of different levels of a maturity and without it. role and objectivity of the customer feedback.

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  • Review of the problem of formation of models and human resource management strategies in Ukrainian enterprises. Analysis of methodological approaches to the management of labor resources of the enterprise. Osobennoti definition of personnel strategy.

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  • The status of crisis management in a comprehensive management system organizational unit. Principles to solve critical situations, system of response management to critical situations. The contents of operational crisis plan of the selected municipality.

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