Variation at storage protein loci in winter common wheat cultivars

Analysis of the variation at the major storage protein loci of homoeologous group 1 chromosomes in winter common wheat cultivars developed in the main breeding center of the Central Steppe of Ukraine. Cultivars developed with the Institute of Genetics.

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  • General characteristics and history of the golden snub-nosed monkey studies, areas of their habitat. Features appearance and food preferences of these animals, the nature of relationships within the group. The history of formation of the species name.

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  • Research of morphogenesis (or minor life cycle) and ontogenesis (or major life cycle) of Galanthus nivalis L. Phases of monocarpic shoot development within the bud. Multivariate ways of bulb plant ontogeny from the moment of zygote to natural death.

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  • The results of publications on the first registrations of the large chicory aphid as an open-lived meristemophilic non-teratogenic form belongs to the herbobiont phytobiont ecological group of aphids. Development of a map of U. cichorii registrations.

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  • Description of the genus Carbonea. Descriptions of five species of Carbonea from the Carpathians and the Crimean Peninsula (C. aggregantula (Mull. Arg.) Diederich & Triebel, C. assimilis, C. vitellinaria and C. vorticosa), studies of herbarium specimen.

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  • General information on the distribution of the new invasive mildew, Podosphaera amelanchieris Maurizio, registered in Belarus, Ukraine. The distribution of fungi, species and morphological characteristics. Comparative characteristics of several species.

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  • Morphological features and distribution of S. paulsenii, its related species. Substantiation of the possibility of the species to become an invasive weed. Changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of representatives of the genus Salsola sensu lato.

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  • Consideration kind Podolaspis Zych of three types: podolica Alth, lerichei and zychi. The first description and nomenclature discrepancy delivery Parapteraspis and Mylopteraspis Stensio. Species variability pteraspid - morphology orbitsphere pineal belt.

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  • Finding in the Shatski Lakes 4 species of two families of Calanoida - Diaptomidae and Temoridae: Eudiaptomus gracilis, graciloides, coeruleus and Heterocope appendiculata Sars. New morphological characters of female's and male's V thoracal legs.

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  • The snow leopard is a large predatory mammal from the cat family. The habitat, body structure and weight of the animal. Diet, life expectancy in the wild and captivity. The length of the jump when hunting. The main threat to the life of a predator.

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  • Risk factors of generation of oxidative stress. The main characteristics of oxidative stress in biological systems. The most known and usable non-enzymatic antioxidants. Correlation found between ROS, parameters of oxidative stress and pathology.

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