Employee-employer relationship and its impact on an organization

Analysis of the concept of the employment relationship. Discusses the importance of employee-employer relationship and how it impacts work output in an organization. Definition of the main advantages of having a good employee-employer relationship.

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  • Study of the impact of a humorous climate on an employee. Process of generating, developing, implementing novel ideas in the workplace. The influence of humorous work climate on Russian employee innovative work behaviour. Methods to stimulate workers.

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  • Purpose of customer relationship management (CRM). History, definition and underpinning theory of CRM. Potential benefits and disedvanteges of CRM. Steps to improve CRM. Behavioral patterns and segments. CRM applications and their customer types.

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  • The definition of the basic essential features that allows to build a strategy of management of educational potential of the employee. Quantitative-qualitative analysis and determination of factors and catalysts for the development of this potential.

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  • Definition of the term "human risk". Characteristic of employer risk and some methods of its limitation. Study of social and personal, technical and economic risks. Analysis of the main sources and methods of recruitment and human risk minimization.

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  • The objective employee’s performance evaluation existence importance, the efforts of organisations to increase their workforce productive potential are relevant. The actual condition of employee evaluation systems in organisations operating in Slovakia.

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  • The purpose of the article is to show the importance of professional development for the level of engagement, as an important argument justifying the interest of employers in professional career management, including investment in self-development.

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  • Formation of a system of stimulation of employees, which allows to identify the impact of individual needs of the employee on the possibility and rationality of the use of specific tools for motivation. Individualized approach to motivation of work.

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  • Analysis of the employer's social responsibility in the field of personnel development, the definition of training needs in accordance with the company's strategy, the choice of programs, methods of training. Service-professional promotion of employees.

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  • Investigation of the role of human resources in a global crisis. The study of the main factors affecting the motivation of staff. An analysis of the reason for the lack of employee satisfaction. Creation of an opportunity for training and promotion.

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  • Human resource management - a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of an employer's strategic objectives. Control of people in the enterprise. Strategic human resource management and organizational strategies.

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