Biological analysis of water bodies function of bioindicators in assessment of environment quality

Assigning water body (from which plankton sample was taken) to given saprobic zone. Focuses on possibility to use biota for monitoring of environment quality. Analysis and examine fields of view and counting individuals representing particular species.

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  • Functions of the liver in the body. Distribution of erythrocytes and bile secretion. Release of hemoglobin in blood plasma. Synthesis of plasma proteins. Industries of the hepatic portal and central vein. Lining of endothelial cells. Storage of nutrients.

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  • The study of the taxonomic status of the producer strain of antimicrobial substances from Streptomyces sp 2435. The nucleotide sequence of the 16S rRNA gene. Carrying out morphological and biochemical analysis of fatty acid composition of cellular lipids.

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  • Biology as one of the natural sciences, the subject of which are living beings and their interaction with the environment. The work of the biologist. Breeders, geneticists, virologists and microbiologists. Personal qualities, professional skills, career.

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  • About the most famous zoo in the world. The first true zoo in France, the modern zoo near Hamburg, the San-Diego Zoo, zoological garden. The Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. The Animals Of Eurasia and Americas - leopard, monkey, birds, etc.

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  • Description genes interact with each other and with their environment. Using of the term epigenetic regulation. Epigenetic information is based on overwhelming activity of enzymes that are specific epigenetic postponed label on macromolecular complexes.

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  • The properties in Homeostatic systems. System instability, Striving for balance, Unpredictability. Examples of homeostasis in mammals. Regulation of homeostasis. The blood plasma. The main function of platelets. The main function of erythrocytes.

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  • Metabolism of Tritiated Water during Imbibition and Germination of Jack Pine Seeds. Protein Ubiquitination in Diploid Parthenogenesis and Embryos of Norway spruce. Mechanism of Pattern Formation in Plant Embryogenesis. Hormonal Control and Embryogenesis.

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  • Two clean-up principles for the multi-determination of seven trichothecene toxins, deoxynivalenol in wheat extract are described. For clean-up of acetonitrile-water extract either gel permeation chromatography or solid-phase extraction were used.

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  • The discovery of new localities of nine species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, and six regionally rare plant species during expeditionary research on the territory of Volyn region in 2013. The necessity for research phytodiversity Volyn region.

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  • General information on the distribution of the new invasive mildew, Podosphaera amelanchieris Maurizio, registered in Belarus, Ukraine. The distribution of fungi, species and morphological characteristics. Comparative characteristics of several species.

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