Biological analysis of water bodies function of bioindicators in assessment of environment quality

Assigning water body (from which plankton sample was taken) to given saprobic zone. Focuses on possibility to use biota for monitoring of environment quality. Analysis and examine fields of view and counting individuals representing particular species.

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  • Materials and methods of research data dragonflies detachment of prey flying insects in the small man-made bodies of water are located in the southern part of Krakow in the period 2001-2004. Number and distribution of dragonflies in different areas.

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  • Description of the reasons for the disappearance of types of illegal hunting, deforestation, pollution of water bodies. Statistics reduce some species of animals in Ukraine. The red book as a collection of endangered species of animals and plants.

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  • Consideration of the composition of water, the isotopic structure of water in the process of the origin of life. Substantiation of the dependence of the maintenance of life on the physicochemical properties of water, its temperature, the hydrogen index.

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  • Study of the structure of water as the basis for the origin of life. The structure of water molecules and hydrogen bonds caused by electrostatic forces and donor-acceptor interactions between neighboring hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water molecules.

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  • The basic metabolic processes, accompanying the neutralization of pollutants in the soil and water environment. Hydrolysis of starch, lactose, proteins and fats. Dividing a gelatin-containing agar plate into four section. Using an aseptic technique.

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  • DNA: Structure, function. Basic techniques in gene analysis. Polymerase chain reaction. Protein production and purification. Genome sequencing projects. Post-genome analysis. Engineering animal cells. Engineering animals. Transfection of animal cells.

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  • Exploration of the effect of physical load testing to changes in skin temperatures of individual body parts, analysis of the relationship between body temperature and the level of oxygen consumption. Non-exchangeable temperature reduction of body surface.

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  • Description of a new species Paracamelus minor location of Odessa catacombs (rustsiny) in the northern Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Features of the structure of a species: small size, moderate swelling of the body of the mandible, a significant reduction.

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  • Study of the process of membrane fusion. Analysis of proteins derived from the zitoplazmaticakih membranes. Opening of homologous proteins from yeast to neurons checks the General idea. Characteristics of biochemical synthesis of biological membranes.

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  • Analysis of the term "vitamin", its biochemical functions and health effects. Classification of deficiencies of vitamins. Pharmacology, history and etymology of vitamin. Analysis of the term "hormone", its biosynthesis, secretion and effects on the body.

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