Coding and cryptology

Basics of Contemporary Cryptography. Codes for Error Detection. Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Encryption Basics. Authentication Codes in the Query Model. Collision in the DSA Function. Fuzzy Identity-based Encryption: Efficient Schemes.

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  • Cryptology from the romans to world war II. Word perfect encryption as a modern example. Exchanging keys with and without a public key. Key management and authentication in GSM networks. The end of the crypto-monopoly and the role of politics today.

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  • A bird's-eye view of modern cryptography. Preliminaries and Defining security in cryptography. Elementary number theory and algebra background. Approximations using partial Greatest common divisors computations. Birthday-based algorithms for functions.

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  • Computing the Cassels pairing classes in Tate group. The calculation of the pairing on twisted Edwards in the form of elliptic curves. Control malicious proxy re-encryption. Security and anonymity-based encryption with trusted certification authorities.

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  • Consideration of four major requirements when a biometric template protection algorithm is designed. The definition of a secure authentication model, based on fingerprint template protection by using the approaches of cryptography and watermarking.

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  • Crypto applications of combinatorial group theory. Generating rooted trees of nodes uniformly at random. Designs, strongly regular graphs and codes constructed from some primitive groups. Quantum jump codes and some related combinatorial designs.

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  • Bits and Bytes. Complementation or Bitwise NOT. Special Operations and Abbreviations. Booleans and BitFields. Conversion of Integral Types to Byte Arrays. Symmetric Block Ciphers. Rijndael and the Advanced Encryption Standard. Public Key Cryptography.

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  • Privacy and Authentication in program. The random Number Generation. Message-Authentication Code Algorithms. Encrypt and Authenticate Modes. Goals of Public Key Cryptography. The process optimize 32-Bit Implementation. Performance of the Small Variant.

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  • The study and practice information Illustration of simple cipher. Cryptography as to encryption, the process of converting ordinary information into unintelligible gibberish. Decryption is the reverse, moving from unintelligible ciphertext to plaintext.

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  • Criteria for desirable cryptographic systems and protocols. Security properties for authenticated key establishment. Standard notation of mathematical foundations. Classical ciphers: usefulness and security. The optimal asymmetric encryption padding.

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  • Analysis of the extended euclidean algorithm. Analysis of operations in the residue class ring. Structure of the multiplicative group of residues mod a prime number. Symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems. Compression functions from encryption functions.

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