Coding and cryptology

Basics of Contemporary Cryptography. Codes for Error Detection. Advances in Coding Theory and Cryptography. Encryption Basics. Authentication Codes in the Query Model. Collision in the DSA Function. Fuzzy Identity-based Encryption: Efficient Schemes.

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  • Arithmetic and number theory in C and C++. The fundamental operations in programs. Modular arithmetic: calculating with residue classes. Addition chains and windows. Cryptographic application of exponentiation. A modern the data encryption standard.

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  • Protection from disclosure to unauthorised persons integrity. Maintaining data consistency. Assurance of identity of person or originator of data non-repudiation. Conventional encryption: uses a shared key. Digital Signatures and especially their use.

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  • Digital signatures: background and definitions. Cryptographic hardness assumptions and constructions based on general assumptions, signature schemes based on the (strong) RSA assumption. The random oracle model and full-domain hash (related) schemes.

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  • A practical guide to using encryption technology to ensure confidentiality, security and integrity of your most valuable assets - its data. The analysis of the basic fundamentals of cryptography and its techniques for dealing with electronic security.

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  • The book is organized into three parts. The first part covers private-key cryptography. Chapters 4-9 concern the main topics in public-key cryptography. The remaining four chapters provide introductions to four active research areas in cryptography.

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  • New cryptosystems and optimizations. The security of all bits using list decoding. A lattice construction for partial key exposure attack for RSA. Controlling access to an oblivious database using stateful anonymous credentials. Identity-based encryption.

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  • Classical cryptography and quantum computation, as well as the signature scheme to the security of Merkle. Challenges in quantum cryptography and the authentication path computation. Basic designs and variations of multivariate public-key cryptography.

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  • From the Riddles of Ancient Egypt to Cryptography in the Renaissance — 3500 Years in the Making. Three Post-Renaissance Centuries. Symmetric-Key and Public-Key Cryptography. Electronic Mail and Internet Security. Noncryptographic Security Issues.

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  • Description of the differential circuits compute checksums. Collision detection for a set of hash functions (MD4, MD5). Reconstructing the Chinese method of encryption. Check internal differences files and conditions for pair of colliding messages.

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  • The Needham-Schroeder public-key authentication protocol. An attack on the protocol and the consequences of this attack. Proving that the revised protocol is safe against all attacks which not dependent upon properties of the encryption method used.

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