The ontology of philosophical analysis

The method of definition and counterexample, conflict with the cardinal principle of the philosophy of ordinary language. Preoccupation with definitions of whole systems` technical terms, tends to divert the attention of philosophers such investigation.

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  • The debate over scientific or critical realism. Modern thought is characterized by foundationalism in epistemology and representationalism in philosophy of language, while holism in epistemology and the theory of meaning as use in postmodern philosophy.

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  • In the year of the 200th anniversary of F. Dostoevsky to consider his place in the Russian religious and philosophical tradition, to analyze the distinctive features of his philosophical views and influence on the formation of the neo-Christian tradition.

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  • Computational natural-language understanding and a computational mind. Description semantics as correspondence. The fundamental principle of understanding. Familiarity breeds comprehension. Dictionary definitions and algebra. The symbol-grounding problem.

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  • Analysis of Jewish philosophy of New and Modern Times as an integral phenomenon. The main criteria for belonging to Jewish philosophy. A list of the main authors who meet these criteria. The state of Jewish philosophy by the end of the XX century.

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  • The problem of essence of human being in the history of philosophy. Continuity of views on the nature of human being. The image of human in the Ancient, Christian, New Age and modern philosophies. Differentiation of social and biological in human being.

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  • Describes the role of philosophy, the philosopher in society from Plato to the present. Trends are singled out - the first focused philosophers on social activity, and the second - formed in the postmodern era and was limited to epistemological activity.

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  • Philosophical self-law as one of the forms through which Judaism and German Judaism sought to realize their own cultural liberation. Explaining the Possibility of Christian Post-Kantianism. Franz Rosenzweig's Contribution to the Philosophy of Religion.

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  • A philosophical-anthropological analysis of hesychasm reveals its essence and meaning. There are determined basic criteria of hesychasm: quietude; the practice of inner prayer, catharsis of mind and heart; bodily techniques, aiming at union with God.

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  • The importance of the human factor in analyzing the language and its nominative units. Language, phenomenon and the human. Analyzing the works of famous philosophers as, Aristotle, Plato, Al-Farabi, Avicenna on the field of nomination process in human.

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  • The practice of philosophy in everyday life to improve its quality, to make effective decisions, to establish fruitful communication and to find a peaceful way out of conflicts. The study of philosophizing from the standpoint of its significance.

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