Optical character recognition powerpoint

Short for Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader is the process of taking an image of letters or typed text/ Main features of text recognition. Matrix matching and feature extraction. Matrix matching is the simpler and more common.

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  • A technique for singular value decomposition of blocks of a cover matrix. Possible results of singular value decomposition operation. Mean values of separatenesses belonging to blocks singular values, received as a result of computing experiment.

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  • Application of biomedical signals for the control purposes is currently growing interest of research society. In this paper application domain of using electroencephalographic signals obtained from an inexpensive Emotiv EPOC headset was described.

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  • Создание нового проекта. Знакомство с меню View и Window. Управление отображением макета на экране. Работа с палитрами и указателями. Использование диалогового окна Character Attributes. Импорт текста из текстового процессора. Стили абзацев и символов.

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  • The cognitive simulation of AstroDatabank records by using the artificial intelligence system with the neuron-net training and recognition. Structure of the analytical system. Studying the technology of simulation. Discussing the mostly important results.

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  • General characteristics of the comparator model of text correspondence and objective situations described by them. Acquaintance with the most important tasks of the theory of intelligence. Analysis of functional and target models of intellectual activity.

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  • Text description of the main processes running in the dealer. Overview of Incadea enterprise software solutions at the global automotive retail market. Analysis of the information system correspondence to existed business-processes in the company.

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  • Information Retrieval as finding material of an unstructured nature that satisfies an information need from within large collections. Unstructured (text) and structured (database) data in 1996 and 2006. Basic assumptions of Information Retrieval.

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  • Определение термина "HTML" (Hyper Text Markup Language), история его появления в версии. Особенности гипертекста, синтаксис языка и структура WEB-страницы. Кодирование символов, типы данных и управление цветом. Описание браузеров и общая терминология.

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  • Clustering algorithms for very large database used in image processing and video. Search for groups (classes, clusters, segments) of the objects surveyed in the analyzed information arrays. Multidimensional vectors forming a traditional data table.

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  • Fuzzy controller has two inputs and one output linguistic variables. Structural diagram of neuro-fuzzy controller. The basic mathematical models of each of the five layers neuro-fuzzy controller. Block diagram of genetic algorithm and feature matching.

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