Optical character recognition powerpoint

Short for Optical Character Recognition or Optical Character Reader is the process of taking an image of letters or typed text/ Main features of text recognition. Matrix matching and feature extraction. Matrix matching is the simpler and more common.

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  • Clustering algorithms for very large database used in image processing and video. Search for groups (classes, clusters, segments) of the objects surveyed in the analyzed information arrays. Multidimensional vectors forming a traditional data table.

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  • Fuzzy controller has two inputs and one output linguistic variables. Structural diagram of neuro-fuzzy controller. The basic mathematical models of each of the five layers neuro-fuzzy controller. Block diagram of genetic algorithm and feature matching.

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  • Сущность и значение строк в программировании, характеристика конструкторов класса String, StringBuilder, Character. Применение методов сравнения строк, специфика их модификации, замены и разбиения. Аргументы командной строки, текстовый ввод-вывод.

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  • Methods of traversal of high-level multi-threaded models formalized in the Use Case Map computer language. Advantages and disadvantages of this approach compared to existing ones. Generation character lines that are used to test software systems.

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  • The main types of noise and filters that remove them from the image and analyze the apparent differences in the distribution of the image (using the watershed algorithm). Choosing the best filter to use when working with the watershed algorithm.

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  • A flexible system troubleshooting and emergency operation of stepwise refinement priori probability. Ensuring reliability recognition of failure. Automatic search of breaks with step-by-step variations of parameters of tests in communication systems.

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  • The methods of image segmentation, a process of division of an image into different segments which contain pixels of similar color, are considered. Graph-based segmentation algorithm, which is based on Kruskal’s algorithm is implemented in C++ language.

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  • The Iterative Extraction as extended approach extraction techniques in Principal Component Analysis to other additive data models. Additive models for clustering & similarity data and apply Iterative Extraction for deriving feasible clustering solutions.

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  • Анализ достоинств и недостатков программы PowerPoint. Назначение панели область задач приложения PowerPoint. Способы создания новой презентации. Создание презентации с помощью мастера автосодержания. Редактирование и сортировка слайдов в PowerPoint.

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  • Методология доработки рекламной информационной системы. Цветовое пространство и функции соответствия цветов (color-matching functions). Пример эффективного баннера с белым фоном для подобного сайта. Скриншоты информационной Интернет-системы RuFox.

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