Development of the world market of information technologies in the conditions of transnationalization of international business

The studying and analyzing of the current state of the international investment activity, to identify its influence on national economies, to find the main competitive advantages of the world leading companies of the global information technology market.

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  • Development of investment activities in Lviv region. Тhe possibilities of forming levers for increasing the efficiency of investment activities, of controlling the investment instruments еffectiveness. Еxpected results of social and economic development.

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  • Markowitz portfolio theory. Risk and return relationship. Validity and the role of the CAPM. Efficient frontier. Security market line. Capital asset pricing model. Testing the CAPM. Consumption betas with market betas and the arbitrage pricing theory.

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  • Innovative development of economy is the chance for Ukraine to ensure a breakthrough in creating competitive products and a income. The features of the concept and operation of the venture business. The concept of a venture fund in the legislation.

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  • Elements of the current system of state financial control and its critical analysis. Substantiation of the place of internal control in such a system. Proposals on the development of internal control in the system of state financial control in Ukraine.

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  • Research the performance of the contrarian strategy using stock market indexes of developing countries over the 1987-2014 period. The results of this research provide evidence for existence of the mean reversion phenomenon across developing markets.

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  • Analysis of the development in Ukraine of the budgeting model with the participation of artists at the level of budgets at the local level. Analysis of international experience of using the model, the possibility of its effective implementation.

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  • Trends of business innovation development at a regional level. Small business innovation structure has been analyzed for Lviv region; interactive procedures have been researched referring to cooperation between the parties interested in its development.

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  • Financing sources formation of the agricultural enterprises’working assets and the conditions of use of various finance management models of working assets, their main advantages and disadvantages for the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex.

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  • Analysis the profitability of value, momentum strategies and a combination of strategies in Russian stock market. The explanation of the value premium and momentum effect. Momentum, value and combo portfolio construction and regression analysis.

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  • Review of the tendency to the national currencies disappearance owing to the growing number of regional ones is forming. Makes the attempt to classify the key regional currencies functioning forms on the basis of the modern regional currencies adoption.

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