New approach to interpretation of the nature of the Navier-Stokes equation and its solution

Analyzed of the fundamental ideas of mathematical physics, which are accepted as the foundation in the attempt to solve the Navier-Stokes. Characteristic of the equations of dynamics of Hamilton. Completed the principal part of empirical physics.

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  • Synthesis of transparent siliceous environments with high-doped Yb-Er, Yb-Ho and Yb-Eu. Definition of media structure and spectral-luminescent properties in the anti-Stokes region when excited by ions Yb3 +. Analysis of properties silicious glassy media.

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  • Obtaining the asymptotic solution of the weakly nonlinear scalar oscillator resulting amplitude equation. The regular perturbation method generally feature secular behavior. The renormalization group method proposed by Chen, Goldenfeld, and Oono.

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  • Analytical comparison of the accuracy of numerical solutions obtained by the FDTD method and the Godunov method in solving telegraph equations. The advantages of the design scheme based on the Godunov method in the analysis of dynamic modes in long lines.

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  • Centroids and Moments of Inertia, and Center of Mass. First Moment and Centroid of a Set of Points. Kinematics of a Particle. Dynamics of a Particle. Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies. Equation of Motion for the Mass Center.

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  • The velocity fields been studied within a semiclassical approach based on the solution of the Vlasov kinetic equation for finite component Fermi systems with a moving surface. The neutron-proton asymmetry and dynamical surface effects the energy region.

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  • The task on the classification of the linear stochastic differential Ito equation of a given type which changes due to the parameters appearing in this equation. The study is a table full of group classification of the equations. Lie operation algebra.

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  • Relativistic dynamics of a charge in a penning trap. Spectroscopy and local structure of the rare-earth impurity ions in lithium tetraborate glasses. Investigation of boson spectrum of two-dimensional optical lattices with the graphene type structure.

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  • Detailed arguments showing that the set of Maxwell equations, and the corresponding wave equations, do not properly describe the evolution of electromagnetic wave-fronts. Criticism of the theory of electromagnetism. Modified the Maxwell equations.

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  • Introduction to error correction and cryptography is unique in devoting several chapters to quantum cryptography and computing, thus providing a context in which ideas from mathematics and physics meet. By such topics as quantum factoring algorithm.

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  • Studying the behavior of active nanoparticles ensemble within the framework of canonical approach, taking into account the internal energy. Applying the anharmonic representation of the Hamilton function and analysis the kinetics of the self-assembly.

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