New approach to interpretation of the nature of the Navier-Stokes equation and its solution

Analyzed of the fundamental ideas of mathematical physics, which are accepted as the foundation in the attempt to solve the Navier-Stokes. Characteristic of the equations of dynamics of Hamilton. Completed the principal part of empirical physics.

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  • The specific properties of the Evans function, its use as a tool in mathematical physics. Application of the Darboux transformation to the Schrodinger equation. Solution of the standard Riccati differential equation. Investigation of a discrete spectra.

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  • Closed model of the turbulent boundary layer, obtained from the Navier-Stokes equations. Fundamental constants of near-wall turbulence, including the Karman constant. Determination of the accelerated and nonisothermal boundary layer over a rough surface.

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  • The consider the Yang-Mills theory in connection with the Einstein and Maxwell equations. The model of a metric satisfying the basic requirements of particle physics and cosmology is proposed. The basic equations of the model of the cosmological scale.

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  • The blackbody radiation problem within classical physics is reviewed. Discussion of Fundamental Constants. Analysis Maxwell’s equations. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillator Scatterers. Wien Displacement Law and the Mismatch with the Boltzmann Distribution.

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  • Analyze the occurrence and role of image forces in physics and chemistry of surfaces. It is shown that a prima facie simple concept of classical electrostatics has a very complicated background of diverse many-body phenomena. Focusing on dynamic effects.

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  • Aristotle's view of physics. Consideration of Physics by Aristotle. Motion by Aristotle as the total change as the active transformation is possible in reality. Consideration of the key features of the thinking of Aristotle, list of presuppositions.

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  • A theoretical derivation of the homogeneous Maxwell equations, based on Stokes theorem for Minkowski space tensors. The Maxwell equations for the electromagnetic field and the Lorentz 4-force law for a charged particle. A consequence of the antisymmetry.

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  • Maxwell’s equations and the equations governing charged particle dynamics. The relevant entities in these equations. Ambiguities in the definitions of the electromagnetic fields. A related term in the energy equation. Geodesics and Lorentz force.

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  • The formation of the event horizon: one more paradox of classical Lorentz-Dirac preaccelerative solution. This paradox makes unrealizable the desire to solve problems of Lorentz-Dirac equation using preacceleration and backward in time integration.

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  • Synthesis of transparent siliceous environments with high-doped Yb-Er, Yb-Ho and Yb-Eu. Definition of media structure and spectral-luminescent properties in the anti-Stokes region when excited by ions Yb3 +. Analysis of properties silicious glassy media.

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