New approach to interpretation of the nature of the Navier-Stokes equation and its solution

Analyzed of the fundamental ideas of mathematical physics, which are accepted as the foundation in the attempt to solve the Navier-Stokes. Characteristic of the equations of dynamics of Hamilton. Completed the principal part of empirical physics.

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  • Features of the physical mechanism of hermetic sealing and storing the air cavity of large volume, based on using magnetic fluid. The use of a mechanism for creating devices of sampling and chemical analysis of gases in mines and chemical industry.

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  • General equation of motion for a radiating electron. The origin of the Schott energy in the Abraham-Lorentz version of electrodynamic radiation theory. The Ford-O'Connell equation, the derived from a microscopic Hamiltonian for an electron with structure.

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  • The production of biogas from algae. The Optimization the synthesis process of biogas using the results of the mathematical models of stimulation of this process. The scheme of the reactor for processing suspension of cyanobacteria with ultrasound.

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  • The nonlinearly damped semilinear wave equation and a thermoelastic Mindlin-Timoshenko plate system with nonlinear viscous damping. The upper semi-continuity of the attractor with respect to the parameters related to the coupling terms and the shear.

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  • Fractal texture features of the albumin and Na-DNA films with fluoride, chloride and bromide of sodium analyzed. The films were obtained from bovine serum albumin and human serum albumin ("Sigma-Aldrich") and from the solution of Na-DNA ("Serva").

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  • Development of a modified computerized system for experimental study of adsorption-desorption processes and defects in ceramics. Using the mathematical data processing positron annihilation spectroscopy. Learning speed capture of positrons by defects.

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  • Characteristic of the periodic law in the original formulation of Mendeleev. Study of the theory of nuclear interactions. Computation of the binding energy of nucleons. Analysis of parameters describing periodic trends in the formation of nuclear shells.

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  • The numerical-analytic approach to solve the stress-strain state problems of an arbitrary finite element simple-connected composite object with different surface mounting types. The main problem is solvedby using the elasticity theory spatial model.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the distribution of the forces acting on a long balloon. An analytical scheme for solving the problem of changing the volume over time, constructed a function with the analysis of three aspects of transition.

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  • Establishment of a system of equations for quantum electrodynamics in which an electron, like any other charge, has an electric and a magnetic field. Description of the eigenvector fields using scalar and vector potentials satisfying the equations.

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