On happiness and human potentials: A Review of Research on Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being

Research topics in the psychology of well-being, the ups and downs. Learning methodological developments concerning multi-level modeling and comparisons also allows researchers to formulate new questions for the field. Physical health and emotions.

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  • Definition of female alcoholism and its determinants. The concept of female alcoholism. Determinants of use, predicates at the individual level. Forecasts for women at country level. Multi-level analysis of patterns of alcohol consumption in Europe.

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  • Study of the joint initiative on Pro-Trading. The role of traditional culture, which is representative of society, field research ethnographers. Description of possible changes in traditional culture, changes in the environment, changes in the context.

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  • The most successful theoretical frameworks in biomedical research on interactions between society and health – cultural consonance model. The relationship between individual’s inability to live up to a societal standard in their behaviour or lifestyle.

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  • Research and characterization demographic problem. Consideration of international relations, intercommunication and range of processes in economic, political, social and cultural life of the planet. Analysis of the modern state of human civilization.

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  • The role of human rights in the transformation of social capital from various points of view, including the influence of human rights on traditional interpersonal social institutions, their influence at the interpersonal national, universal level.

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  • Theoretical, practical aspects of sociological research of the problems of the development of branch experts' competency in modern societies, oriented to professionalization and optimization of using labour resources. Water transport professional groups.

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  • The questions about using the local developmental analysis of any geographic object on an example of social and economic development of urban sociogeosystem of Kharkiv region and health care system development of district sociogeosystem of Volyn region.

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  • Review and description of the concepts of economic and social efficiency which are different ones in economic science. Considered and analysis estimation problems of social development institutes efficiency, such as educational system and human capital.

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  • The human geography as part of the social theory movement. The intellectual disarray in human geography, and addressing the challenge of postmodernism and deconstruction, the discipline could attain a pivotal role in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • A model of social development in "The Division of Labour in Society". The link between posture and illness. Experience of the pain in childbirth. Power and the social. A radical challenge to much of the traditional sociology of health and illness.

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